QSAC History


A Bit O' History

In late 1984, after a year or so of R&D, a gentleman from the little town of Buffalo, Texas took several examples of a Quarter Scale, Radio/Controlled replica of a World of Outlaws-type Sprint Car to the annual Hobby show in Pasadena, CA. There, he found his display inundated by folks fascinated with the concept of such a large R/C car. Further, they were even more interested when he "fired-one-up" and they were treated to the sound of the big (relatively) two-stroke single that powered the car. A quick, on-the-floor demo of the car's response to inputs from the radio in his hand convinced many in the audience that "these should sell like hot-cakes"-- and Carroll Cheek, now known as the "Grandfather" of Quarter Scale, returned to Texas with orders in hand, and the new, largest scale of R/C race cars was born!

The New Company

Known as Winner's Circle Manufacturing or WCM, grew and prospered, and was soon joined by a new California entrepreneur, Jon Rahe, and his RACO Modelcraft. Quarter Scale was off and running! Growth of the sport continued from that time with new manufacturers popping-up on the scene, but there was a problem....... Buyers were scattered all over, sometimes only one or two in a particular area, and didn't know where other potential racers were located. The manufacturers, particularly WCM and RACO, could see that they needed to find a way to organize the racers into a group who knew and communicated with each other. An attempt was made to get ROAR, the major R/C car racing organization in the US, to sanction Quarter Scale racing under their auspices, but Roar was primarily an "electric-car" group, concentrating on 1/12th and 1/10th scales, and wasn't really interested in bothering with what was, at that time, a small group of racers who were scattered all over the map! With no apparent help forthcoming from that direction, the manufacturers decided to take the "bull-by-thehorns" and form a National Organization which would also be an entity that would organize and sanction Quarter Scale racing events, establish a cogent Rules package controlling the specifications for cars in different classes, set up race formats for the various classes, establish safety-standards, and last, but not least, provide a liability insurance program to protect both the racer and the viewing public. After much research and headaches, the organization was chartered and the Quarter Scale Auto Club began!

The QSAC of the Present

In late 1992, management of the Quarter Scale Auto Club was turned over to the membership, and, following acomplete reorganization, during which the Club was incorporated as a not-for-profit Corporation, officers elected, committees formed for the purpose of setting the standards for Rules, Competition, Special Projects, and Long-Range Planning. In addition, there is a field organization in place at the District, Region, and Area levels, staffed with directors who are local focal-points for members and racing facilities all over the country. The organization belongs to and is run by (on a no-pay, volunteer basis) the membership.
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