New Engine Allowed in QSAC for 2018

Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers

We hope you have experienced an enjoyable summer and have taken the opportunity to enjoy quarter scale racing this season. As we approach the fall, we want to share with you anupcoming changefor QSAC racing in 2018.
Starting January 1st, 2018, QSAC will be allowing the inclusion of the G240RC engine as an option for all QSAC sanctioned races. The benefit to the racer is the robust nature of the four boltcylinder head design/retention. This should result in less blown head gaskets, and potentially longer durations between engine rebuilding; a savings of both money and time.
The G240RC will be allowed to be run only in a true "box stock" configuration including all three crank bearings. Only OEM replacement parts will be allowed (example: gaskets, bearings, seals). No gasket sealer will be allowed anywhere. The G240RC motor will go through the same technical inspection/measurementprocess as the current G230RC (port timing and other measurements).
To clarify, the G230RC will continue to be legal. Both the G230RC and G240RC will be allowed to be used in all QSAC sanctioned events as of January 1st, 2018.

Background: What is the G240RC? This is essentially a G230RC engine with the addition of two extra bolts to retain the cylinder head along with the addition of a third bearing on the crank. When examining a parts list between the two engines, they share the vast majority of their parts with one another.

What the G240RC is not: The G240RC is NOT a larger displacement engine. Contrary to the nomenclature in the engine description, the G240RC shares the same displacement, bore, and stroke.
Testing and evaluation of this engine has been taking place intermittently over the past two-to-three years. There have been negligible differences in comparison/contrast to our existing G230RC engine.

When viewing the specifications on the Zenoah website, it is very pointed how similar these two engines are with regard to specifications and horsepower/performance. A side-by-side comparison of the specification can be found on the Zenoah website at the following address:

Click here for 230 & 240 Comparison Info

Submission for consideration: In the interest of complete disclosure, the Impact Parts Committee (IPC)was contacted and presented with the information, data, as well as the desire of the Co-Chairs in having this engine added as an option for the 2018 season and beyond. The IPC diligently evaluated the information/test results and presented the Co-Chairs a recommendation of not implementing the G240RC engine atthis time. The IPC agreed the G240RC was a good, viable, and as equal as possible option to offer the membership, but thought that implementing the engine was not needed at this time.

Why was this not submitted to the RRC? Objectively, when we look back at the rules and the By-Laws, we believe we are following them as they are written and as they are to be interpreted. Precedence was set previously with the introduction of the RC4LESS tires. This was a case where tires were added as an option to the membership. Once it was agreed they would be added to the rulebook, the rule book was updated to include the pertinent information regarding the addition of the new manufacturer of tires, as well as compounds, and where the respective compounds could be used. We are treating the addition of the G240RC in the same way; we will add the necessary updates to the rulebook to define the G240RC as needed for technical inspection and what parts are allowed in replacement,if needed.

The IPC recommendation and reasoning was considered but we found the benefits to the racer out-weighed the concerns of the IPC and, we, the Co-Chairs are implementing this addition with the release of the 2018 QSAC Rules Package this coming January 1st, 2018. Full details and the necessary documentation will be provided with the release of the 2018 Rules Package.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks

QSAC Co-Chairs 

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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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