G240RC Update

Greetings QSAC Members and quarter scale racers

With 2018 just around the corner, we wanted to update the membership with the status of the G240RC engine for 2018.

We took a step back and evaluated the comments and feedback that were received; both good and bad, and determined that we believe it is in the best interest of the racers to gather more data and information regarding the viability of the G240RC engine. At this time, the only engines legal for the QSAC National Championship in 2018 will be the Zenoah G-23RC/G230RC engines. The G240RC engine will NOT be legal for the QSAC National Championship in 2018.

Currently, it is our understanding there are at least two tracks that allow the use of the G240RC during their weekly racing programs. QSAC cannot mandate what tracks allow or do not allow except during the QSAC National Championship event at the respective host track. However, QSAC is asking tracks to allow the use of the G240RC during their weekly racing throughout the 2018 season. We are asking racers that choose to try the G240RC in 2018 to provide feedback regarding performance, and durability. Feedback can be provided to either one of the Co-Chairs or the National Tech Director. We are specifically asking racers that will be trying/testing the G240RC to keep the third bearing in place during their evaluation and testing.

Once performance and durability data is received and evaluated, QSAC will reach out to the membership to gather their thoughts and opinions about the possible inclusion of the G240RC for 2019. QSAC wants to act in the best interest of the racer and believe that taking this course of action is a good path forward for everyone involved. We appreciate your comments and feedback you have provided, as well as your patience and understanding regarding the G240RC engine.

Joe Brooks
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs 

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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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