QSAC National Championship Overview

QSAC National Championship

Beginning with the 2017 race year, QSAC decided to make a big shift in its “National Championship Series” race format.  This shift was made with the hope of accomplishing a multiple tasks; allow racers from across the country to meet in one location to compete against one another over the course of three separate events; decrease costs to the racer by decreasing travel from four-to-six events across the country to one single venue, once a year; allow regional series between 3-5 extra possible weekends for scheduling their own series; allow racers more opportunities to race locally or regionally; and to crown a true National Champion in each class with racers represented from across the country.

While the departure from the NCS format was discussed at great length, QSAC leadership weighed the pros and cons and decided to give the National Championship event a chance. 

Historically speaking the idea and theme for a race of this nature did not start with any one individual, but rather numerous individuals with a common thought of having everyone gathering together for a big event.  In no particular order, credit goes out to a handful for their input, influence, and foresight to see the possibilities of having a “National Championship” event; Steve Bess, Joe DePinto, Todd Holloway, and Noal Templeton.

With the inaugural National Championship now just a memory, we are looking to build upon the success of 2017 in our future National Championship events.   We hope you will consider attending the National Championship and look forward to this event in the coming years.

QSAC National Championship Host / Bid Package

The QSAC National Championship will be held around the third week of July each year.
Exact dates to be determined and announced in the fall of the preceding year.
If you are a track owner or a track manager and are considering the honor of hosting the QSAC National Championship, please you the link button below to take you to the QSAC Online Forms page.  Once there, please complete and submit the application for consideration for hosting the QSAC National Championship.
***NOTE: In order to host this event, the host track must be able to provide track
personnel from Sunday through the completion of the event. Also tracks must
have on-site bathroom facilities, adequate parking for trailers and motorhomes
and adequate track lighting for night racing. The lighting can be either temporary
or permanent lighting, but must be sufficient for competition.
Please use the button below to take you to the QSAC ONLINE FORMS page.  Once there, please use the "QSAC National Championship Host / Bid Package" button and complete the application for consideration for hosting the QSAC National Championship.
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