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2017 QSAC
DMS Sonic Racing Chassis
National Champions


2017 QSAC Nationals
TOP 5 in Points

1st Todd Holloway
2nd Gerald Babbitt
3rd J.R. Parsley
4th Kevin Ligon
5th Mike Sadler

Limited Sportsman
1st Joe Lanier
2nd Jay Porterfield
3rd Doug McCallum
4th Tony Poole
5th Curtis Wernette

1st Scott Schramske
2nd Randy Delapp
3rd Gerald Babbitt
4th Alex Livingston
5th Dave Raber

1st Mike Sadler
2nd Keving McDougald
3rd Todd Holloway
4th Tony Wachter
5th Randy Delapp

The Latest News in Quarter Scale R/C Racing

The 2018 QSAC National Championship
Sponsored by:
WCM Quarter Scale


July 16-20, 2017


G240RC Update

Greetings QSAC Members and quarter scale racers

With 2018 just around the corner, we wanted to update the membership with the status of the G240RC engine for 2018.

We took a step back and evaluated the comments and feedback that were received; both good and bad, and determined that we believe it is in the best interest of the racers to gather more data and information regarding the viability of the G240RC engine.  At this time, the only engines legal for the QSAC National Championship in 2018 will be the Zenoah G-23RC/G230RC engines.  The G240RC engine will NOT be legal for the QSAC National Championship in 2018.

Currently, it is our understanding there are at least two tracks that allow the use of the G240RC during their weekly racing programs.  QSAC cannot mandate what tracks allow or do not allow except during the QSAC National Championship event at the respective host track.  However, QSAC is asking tracks to allow the use of the G240RC during their weekly racing throughout the 2018 season.  We are asking racers that choose to try the G240RC in 2018 to provide feedback regarding performance, and durability.  Feedback can be provided to either one of the Co-Chairs or the National Tech Director.   We are specifically asking racers that will be trying/testing the G240RC to keep the third bearing in place during their evaluation and testing.

Once performance and durability data is received and evaluated, QSAC will reach out to the membership to gather their thoughts and opinions about the possible inclusion of the G240RC for 2019.  QSAC wants to act in the best interest of the racer and believe that taking this course of action is a good path forward for everyone involved.  We appreciate your comments and feedback you have provided, as well as your patience and understanding regarding the G240RC engine.

Joe Brooks
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



Organizational Announcement

Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers,

We would like to share with the membership some changes to some of the seats of the organization roles as we have had a couple of changes within the QSAC Committee Chairs as well as District/Region representative changes.

Brad Boling has been appointed the Rules Committee Chair.  Brad had previous been involved as Special Project Chair.  We welcome Brad’s background and experience into the Rules Committee Chair.

Todd Holloway has been appointed to fill the role of Special Projects Chair vacated with Brad’s appointment to Rules Committee Chair.   Todd has a great deal of background and experience in the promotion of quarter scale and QSAC.  We welcome Todd into this new role.

With these two changes, there has been some changes to the Rules Ratification Committee members; Brad now occupies the position previously held by Scott Harper (former Rules Committee Chair) and Todd now occupies the position previously held by Brad (former Special Projects Committee Chair).

In District/Regional news, we would like to welcome Mike Dill as the new Central District Southern Region representative.  Mike is a long-time QSAC member and racer starting out up in Minnesota with the group racing out of Hideaway Speedway in Isanti, MN.  Please welcome Mike to this new role. 

Additionally, we are still looking for a member to be the Eastern District Director.  With the recent resignation of Fred Murry as our long-standing Eastern District Director, we are looking for a potential candidate to fill this role.  Please contact Joe Brooks or Scott Harper if you have an interest in filling this role.

With the 2017 racing season pretty wrapped up across the country, we hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a very Merry Christmas.  Get those rides ready because the 2018 racing season is just around the corner!

Joe Brooks
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



Sportsman Class Sponsor Named

It is with great pleasure that QSAC announces the Sportsman Class Sponsor for the 2018 QSAC National Championship Week.
The 2018 Sportsman Class Sponsor is DMS Sonic Racing Chassis. Mark Duggins and Randy DeLapp have entered the quarter scale racing world with a very competitive new Sportman/ECM chassis called the Sonic.  DMS Sonic Racing Chassis were the title sponsor in 2017 for the inaugural QSAC National Championship.

We are happy to have DMS Sonic Racing Chassis as the Sportsman Class Sponsor.

Look for even more announcements about the 2018 QSAC National Championship sponsored by WCM Quarter Scale in the coming weeks!



Appointment of Co-Chair

Greetings QSAC members,

With the recent resignation of Joe DePinto from his elected position of Co-Chair, I have been tasked with appointing a replacement to fulfill his term.

I'd like to welcome Scott Harper as our newly appointed Co-Chair.
Scott's term will run through October 31st, 2019. Scott brings a broad knowledge of quarter scale along with previous experience as Co-Chair.

Please join me in welcoming Scott back into the position of Co-Chair.

Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chair



240 Engine Update

QSAC members,

In light of recent events, which include recent changes to the QSAC leadership, along with the feedback received from the membership following the announcement of the G240RC, I wanted to provide an update regarding the approval status of the G240RC.

As previously announced on October 24th, 2017, it is acknowledged that the process for formal approval of the G240RC engine has to go through the RRC, and not as originally stated or suggested in the original announcement dated October 18th, 2017.

Given the path that needs to be followed for the approval process as per the By-Laws, please note that the G240RC is not formally approved nor is it legal for use in QSAC sanctioned events at this time.

It is impossible to assume any certain outcome,one way or the other, from the appropriate committees. In other words, there is no guarantee this engine will be approved, or not approved. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chair



240 Engine Update

Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers

We just wanted to provide a follow-up to our announcement from this past week regarding the addition of the G240RC engine for the 2018 season.

With an addition of this magnitude,
we are making sure all of the places in the Rules Package are addressed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
We will keep all of the QSAC members informed of the proposed changes that are submitted to the RRC.

We appreciate the communication we have received from the membership.

Thank you,
Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



New Engine Allowed in QSAC for 2018

Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers

We hope you have experienced an enjoyable summer and have taken the opportunity to enjoy quarter scale racing this season. As we approach the fall, we want to share with you anupcoming changefor QSAC racing in 2018.
Starting January 1st, 2018, QSAC will be allowing the inclusion of the G240RC engine as an option for all QSAC sanctioned races. The benefit to the racer is the robust nature of the four boltcylinder head design/retention. This should result in less blown head gaskets, and potentially longer durations between engine rebuilding; a savings of both money and time.
The G240RC will be allowed to be run only in a true "box stock" configuration including all three crank bearings. Only OEM replacement parts will be allowed (example: gaskets, bearings, seals). No gasket sealer will be allowed anywhere. The G240RC motor will go through the same technical inspection/measurementprocess as the current G230RC (port timing and other measurements).
To clarify, the G230RC will continue to be legal. Both the G230RC and G240RC will be allowed to be used in all QSAC sanctioned events as of January 1st, 2018.

Background: What is the G240RC? This is essentially a G230RC engine with the addition of two extra bolts to retain the cylinder head along with the addition of a third bearing on the crank. When examining a parts list between the two engines, they share the vast majority of their parts with one another.

What the G240RC is not: The G240RC is NOT a larger displacement engine. Contrary to the nomenclature in the engine description, the G240RC shares the same displacement, bore, and stroke.
Testing and evaluation of this engine has been taking place intermittently over the past two-to-three years. There have been negligible differences in comparison/contrast to our existing G230RC engine.

When viewing the specifications on the Zenoah website, it is very pointed how similar these two engines are with regard to specifications and horsepower/performance. A side-by-side comparison of the specification can be found on the Zenoah website at the following address:

Click here for 230 & 240 Comparison Info

Submission for consideration: In the interest of complete disclosure, the Impact Parts Committee (IPC)was contacted and presented with the information, data, as well as the desire of the Co-Chairs in having this engine added as an option for the 2018 season and beyond. The IPC diligently evaluated the information/test results and presented the Co-Chairs a recommendation of not implementing the G240RC engine atthis time. The IPC agreed the G240RC was a good, viable, and as equal as possible option to offer the membership, but thought that implementing the engine was not needed at this time.

Why was this not submitted to the RRC? Objectively, when we look back at the rules and the By-Laws, we believe we are following them as they are written and as they are to be interpreted. Precedence was set previously with the introduction of the RC4LESS tires. This was a case where tires were added as an option to the membership. Once it was agreed they would be added to the rulebook, the rule book was updated to include the pertinent information regarding the addition of the new manufacturer of tires, as well as compounds, and where the respective compounds could be used. We are treating the addition of the G240RC in the same way; we will add the necessary updates to the rulebook to define the G240RC as needed for technical inspection and what parts are allowed in replacement,if needed.

The IPC recommendation and reasoning was considered but we found the benefits to the racer out-weighed the concerns of the IPC and, we, the Co-Chairs are implementing this addition with the release of the 2018 QSAC Rules Package this coming January 1st, 2018. Full details and the necessary documentation will be provided with the release of the 2018 Rules Package.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



ECM Class Sponsor Named

It is with great pleasure that QSAC announces the ECM Class Sponsor for the 2018 QSAC National Championship Week.
The 2018 ECM Class Sponsor is Ken Leiker Motorsports. Ken has been providing on-line and track-side support for the QuarterScale racers for the last couple of seasons. His dedication to Quarterscale racing and its racers shows in the pride he takes in his business.
We are happy to have Ken Leiker Motorsports return this season as the ECM Class Sponsor.

Look for even more announcements about the 2018 QSAC National Championship presented by WCM Quarter Scale in the coming weeks!

You can see the official Press Release by clicking here.



2018 Title Sponsor Named

WCM Logo

It is with great pleasure that QSAC announces the Title Sponsor for the 2018 QSAC National Championship Week.
The Title Sponsor is "The Grand-daddy of Quarterscale" WCM Quarter Scale.
WCM is the longest running manufacturer in the Quarterscale industry and those of us here at QSAC are looking forward to working with both Mark and Chris Hogue once again as our title Sponsor.

Look for even more announcements about the 2018 QSAC National Championship presented by WCM Quarter Scale in the coming weeks!

You can see the official Press Release by clicking here.



2018 QSAC Nationals

As we are sure you have heard by now the 2018 QSAC Nationals was awarded to Machesney Park Raceway in Machesney Park, Illinois. The dates for the 2018 QSAC Nationals are July 16-20, 2018. More details about the event will be coming out in the weeks ahead, check the QSAC site and the QSAC FaceBook page for updates.



Website Updates

The 2017 Top Five in points have been listed along with all the race results and the final points standings.
Just click on the buttons at the top and you can download any and all of the results.



QSAC Championship Hosting Deadline

2018 QSAC Nationals Bids Due October 1, 2017
Attention Track Owners/Clubs....
If you would like to be considered to host the 2018 QSAC Nationals Speed Week, please get your bids in by October 1, 2017.



Rule Committee Chair Change

Dear QSAC Members,

As of September 1, 2017 Scott Harper will be heading the Rules Committee. Scott has been very instrumental in the progress and growth of QSAC for years, and brings with him a vast knowledge of every aspect of QSAC. As a past Co-chairman he understands what is needed as we move forward. We are honored to have Scott back on the Management team, and look forward to his expertize, knowledge, and willingness to jump in, and get involved.

Both Joe Brooks, and Joe DePinto would like to thank Terry Rea for his service, and the insight he brought to QSAC as Rules Chairman. We wish Terry all the best while he takes care of his ever growing business, and cares for his family's needs during this time. Please make sure you thank Terry for ALL that he has done for QSAC, and the 1/4 scale industry. We hope he will be able to rejoin us in the very near future, and has been missed at the events this past season.

Joe Brooks
Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-chairs



More QSAC Nationals Announcements

Things just keep getting better and better for what is shaping up to be the largest Quarter Scale race in recent history.
Sometimes we do not realize how lucky we are to have such great manufacturers and vendors associated with our hobby; then we are reminded and humbled, through the news that will follow, just how wondered and generous the human spirit is within our QSAC family.

As previously announced, QSAC has partnered with Craig Hospital as our charitable partner for the 2017 season. Craig Hospital was instrumental in helping our own Doug Murphy with not only excellent care, but also the rehabilitation process to help regain motor function and mobility.

We've been blessed, as an organization, to have three manufacturers and one vendor step-up and provide items to be raffled in the interest of supporting our charitable partner.
Those donated items include the following:

WCM -- DRX Damper system complete with springs
KLM -- Set of rod ends and a carburetor
SZM -- Shark ECM body
DMS -- Sonic Racer's Special Chassis

Now here is how this will work. There are 2 ticket prices for these items. For the shocks, rod ends, carburetor and the body; tickets are $5 and you may deposit a ticket stub in any of the buckets designated for whatever item you want to have a chance on winning.

For the Sonic chassis, this will be a seperate ticket, each ticket will be $20 for the chance to win this chassis.

ALL of the monies collected in these raffles are going to be given to the Craig Hospital.

The drawings will be held on Friday during Post-Race-Tech and you must be present to win.

All of us here at QSAC would like to express our appreciation for the generosity of our sponsors and these donors for helping to make this race not only "The Event" to attend this season, but also in helping QSAC and it's racers give back to those who can use our help.

Thank you WCM, Ken Leiker Motorsports, SZM and Duggins MotorSports. Without the support of you guys none of this is possible.



The 2017 QSAC Cup Award

As a part of the rollout for the 2017 QSAC National Championship, there was reference of a "yet to be named" traveling award to the group of racers from a representative QSAC sanctioned track that amass the most points throughout the week; sort of a home track "bragging rights" for the year. This award has been named the "QSAC Cup" and will "travel" back home with the winning "track" after the completion of the QSAC National Championship. QSAC will have a plaque engraved with the year and the winning track's name that can be attached to the trophy (similar to the Stanley Cup in that we will continue to add plaques each year for the winning track).

Questions and Answers about this award:

1. What about a QSAC racer that doesn't have a representative track?
-Upon registration at the Nationals, each racer will have the opportunity to declare their home track. Once they have made a choice, they are locked-in to that track for the remainder of the week. Should a racer decide to not declare their home track, they will not amass points for ANY track.

2. What if my local track is not QSAC sanctioned?
-As a QSAC member, you can still declare another track as your home track and have your points go into the total tally for the track you have chosen.(Only QSAC sanctioned tracks are eligible)

3. Does the host track have the opportunity to participate in competing for this trophy?
-Yes; absolutely. Through the creation of this award, we wanted to encourage ALL QSAC racers to participate, from ALL tracks across the country. Historically, and ironically, it has often been the host track racers have not participated (for numerous reasons). Rather than excluding racers, we want to be inclusive with all racers.



QSAC Nationals Schedule

OK racers here it is. All the pertinant information you are going to need for the week that is going to make Quarter Scale Racing history.

2017 QSAC National Championship
-Critical Details and General Itinerary for the overall event.
As we approach the start of the 2017 QSAC National Championship, we wanted to outline some details so everyone is prepared as we kick off what should be an epic event.This is a refinement of what has been previously announced when we rolled out the format for the event on November 11th, 2016 on the QSAC website (www.qsac.org).


1. Regarding the free track fuel: track fuel will be provided for all controlled practice sessions, qualifying heats, and mains. Any uncontrolled practice sessions will require racers to provide their own fuel. Additionally, uncontrolled practice is just that; uncontrolled. Racers run at their own risk.
2. During the pre-tech process, all engines going through the pre-tech process will receive a "seal" to designate that it has been through pre-tech. This seal cannot be broken or disturbed. If a racer needs to replace an engine, it needs to be completed with a QSAC Official present and the removed engine will go into impound. This engine may be subject to inspection during the post-race tear downs on Friday after the Finale.
3. Winners from all classes on Tuesday and Wednesday may be subject to tear down on Friday after the completion of the Finale.

Detailed Schedule for the Event:

-Saturday, July 15th:
Facility is open to allow campers to be located for the week, along with racers being able to establish and set-up their respective pit areas. The actual track is CLOSED.

-Sunday, July 16th:
Facility is open to allow campers to be located for the week, along with racers being able to establish and set-up their respective pit areas.Track will be open for uncontrolled practice from 12:00 noon until 6:00 PM. Registration, and registration completion for those that pre-registered, will be available from 4:00 until 6:00 PM.

-Monday, July 17th:
-9:00 AM -Registration will be open for racers to either complete their registration or register if they have not taken advantage of the opportunity to preregister.
-9:00 AM -Pre-tech will be open. All race cars must go through pre-tech prior to being allowed to enter the race track. Following the completion of registration, there will be an opportunity for racers to check/verify they have the correct transponder number. NOTE: it is 100% the responsibility of the racer to knowtheir transponder number. If a racer's transponder is not registering, that is the responsibility of the racer; NOT QSAC nor Lakeside Speedway's responsibility. There will be NO HAND SCORING; period.
If a transponder registering problem or scoring problem is epidemic, we will take ownership of the problem and reconcile the matter in as timely a fashion as possible.
-12:00 noon (or the completion of registration, pre-tech, and transponder verification):
There will be three (3) rounds of controlled practice. There will be a matrix of controlled practice sessions established for all the racers. We will break down the sessions in 10 minute increments with a balanced number of racers (example: 8 class specific racers will be in controlled practice session 1, a different 8 class specific racers will be in controlled session 2, etc.). The length of the overall controlled practice round will be dependent on the overall number of racers that attend. Upon completion of the three rounds of controlled practice, the track will remain open for uncontrolled practice sessions until a time TBD.

Tuesday, July 18th:
Preliminary Race #1
-8:00 AM One (1) round of controlled practice broken into 10 minute sessions as described above.
-Upon completion of Controlled Practice -Drivers meeting; National Anthem; and the start of the 1st round of heat races, followed by the 2nd round of heat races (inversion of 1st round starting positions), followed by the mains, and concluding with awards presentation for Preliminary Race #1.-NOTE: the start time for Wednesday's races will be announced during the program on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 19th:
Preliminary Race #2
-NOTE: Official Start Times TBD based on number of entries as well as perspective on time invested on Tuesday for the race program duration.
-Prior to the official start time on Wednesday, there will be uncontrolled practice.
-Official Controlled Practice Start time TBD, One (1) round of controlled practice broken into 10 minute sessions as described above.
-Official Race Start Time: TBD.
Drivers meeting; National Anthem; and the start of the 1st round of heat races, followed by the 2nd round of heat races (inversion of 1st round starting positions), followed by the mains, and concluding with awards presentation for Preliminary Race #2.

Thursday, July 20th:
-8:00 AM -Two (2) controlled practice rounds.
Track WILL remain open for UNCONTROLLED practice through 4:00 PM.
Track will be closed for the remainder of the evening after 4:00 PM.-NOTE: this is an opportunity to take in local attractions or relax and enjoy the beauty of the Clover, SC region.
-6:00 PM-7:00 PM Family Style Meal provided by QSAC for QSAC members and their families.
-7:15 PM-8:30 PM Town hall meeting/gathering at the track.

Friday, July 21st:
-8:00 AM -One round of controlled practice based on the main line-up, broken into 5 minute sessions (shortened to allow the mains to be run and sufficient time for post-race tech).
-Upon completion of Controlled Practice -Drivers Meeting, parade of cars, concourse judging, National Anthem and the start of the lower mains for the FINALE!-Upon completion of the races, post-race tear down/inspection, followed by awards for the Friday Finale as well as the QSAC National Champions and the Team/Track awards.

Well, there you have it racers; all the details you need to know to be a part of Quarterscale History. If there is only one event you can travel to this season, rest assured this is the one you do not want to miss.



Election Ballots go out July 1, 2017

As per the QSAC Bylaws, ballots will be mailed out to the members on July 1st. With the technological advances we now do electronic voting along with mailed in ballots.
QSAC will publish the candidates names and the instructions for voting on July 1st.
With that being said, if you are interested in running for the office of Co-Chair, please submit your declaration of candidacy to one of the two sitting Co-Chairs.



Joe DePinto seeking Re-election for Co-Chair position

Dear QSAC Members,

I would like to announce my decision to run for the upcoming position of Co-Chair, and to be considered as a candidate for the 2017 Co-Chair Election.
I feel I have the experience needed to help run the QSAC Organization, and would like to continue working with Joe Brooks as we move forward.
The volunteers of our club, and the dedication they have shown these last two years, have made my job as a Co-chairman easy. I would consider it an honor to be re-elected as Co-chair, and hope I have earned your trust during my two year term.
I can promise you all, if elected, I will continue to work hard for you, and will do my best to listen to your questions, and concerns. Please consider me when you cast your vote for Co-chair this year.

Yours truly,
Joe DePinto



Co-Chair Election

Greetings QSAC members,

Summer is almost upon us... we hope you're enjoying racing your quarter scale race cars as well as the fellowship of your racing buddies.
For most of us, it is the heart of the racing season. It's also that time of year where some of you may be considering the possibility of running for Co-Chair. If this is something you've even remotely considered... (yes, you read that correct; remotely), take the time to read some of my thoughts on the first seven and a half months of my two year term.
Truly, this role is about relationships; it's an individual working closely with another individual (the two Co-Chairs), while embracing a membership that is over 300 strong; doing their best to listen to the membership; being available to the membership as well as track owners, manufacturers and others looking to support quarter scale racing; it's the promotion of an open/transparent organization; doing their best to think in terms of the best interest of the racer as well as the growth/promotion and proliferation of quarter scale racing, as a whole.
There can be competing and conflicting topics and points of view; a Co-Chair needs to have conviction of their choices and actions as we have a membership to which we need to answer. It is a way to "give back" to an organization that you support; it's both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

If this is something you've considered, we encourage you to reach out to one of us and express your interest.

Thanks and regards,
Joe Brooks QSAC Co-Chair



Rules Change Submissions

Greetings QSAC Members and Quarter Scale Racers.

We hope everyone is enjoying their spring and that the increase in warmth and sunshine is starting to generate some excitement for quarter scale racing!

On April 27th, the QSAC Co-Chairs submitted four rules change proposals to the Rules Ratification Committee (RRC) for consideration. These were rules change proposals that were being considered as a carryover from submittals from the membership this past year (2016).

The four proposals (generically):
1. Allowing the use of aftermarket pull starters.
2. Colored Engine Covers.
3. Thumb screws for pull starters.
4. 3" front tires for sprint cars,

The following is the summary from the voting:
We received on-time votes from all members of the RRC with the exception of Bob Leydecker, who's votes did arrive, but after the deadline.With that being taken into consideration, the abstention of Bob's votes relinquishes them to the two Co-Chairs per the By-Laws. Those respective votes will be shown in the overall tally below.
Here are the votes, as received:
Bruce Triplett: 1: Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4.Yes
Todd Bishop: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Ken Leiker: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes
Mark Hogue: 1. Yes; 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes
Dave Dygon: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Fred Miavitz: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Joel Hughes: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes
Brad Boling: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. No
Bill Scott: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Fred Murry: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Bob Leydecker (Votes arrived late and will not be tallied
Terry Rea: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. No
Richard Coffey: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. No; 4. No
Mike Sadler: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No
Co-Chairs (in fulfillment of BL's late vote): 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. No

This results in the following totals:
#1. - 7 "Yes" votes; 7 "No" votes; result = no rule change
#2. - 7 "Yes" votes; 7 "No" votes; result = no rule change
#3. - 5 "Yes" votes; 9 "No" votes; result = no rule change
#4. - 4 "Yes" votes; 10 "No" votes; result = no rule change

While both of us (Co-Chairs) were in favor of submitting these rules change proposals to the RRC, through the dialogue, we both feel that being conservative and not creating a potential to further open Pandora's box is truly in the best interest of the quarter scale racers and QSAC; this was our rationale for changing the course from our original thoughts by voting "No" to all four proposals.

Thank you to the RRC for fulfilling their task regarding these rules change proposals.As a reminder, rules change proposals for the 2018 season are due by August 1st, 2017.

These can be mailed to Terry Rea; his contact information is listed on the QSAC.org webpage.

QSAC Co-Chairs
Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks



NEW QSAC Rulebook Release

Greetings QSAC members and quarter scale racers,

Spring is upon us in 2017. Racing has started to take place at numerous tracks around the country. We hope the racing season has started on a positive note in your area and look forward to seeing you at the 2017 QSAC National Championship at Lakeside Speedway in Clover, SC this coming July.

We are announcing a change to the 2017 QSAC Rules Package; this is to add further definition and boundaries around the Impact Parts approval procedure. Historically, this procedure has taken place through an unspoken practice. This change puts clear definition on the procedure going forward.

The latest edition of the 2017 QSAC rulebook is dated April 25,2017

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



2017 QSAC Title Sponsor and Class Sponsors Named

It is withh great pleasure that the Special Projects Committee announces the 2017 QSAC National Championship sponsors.

Title Sponsor : Duggins Motorsports
Limited Sportsman : RC4Less
Sprint Car : Predator Sprint Cars
Sportsman : WCM Racing
ECM : Ken Leiker Motorsports

Brad Boling
Todd Holloway
QSAC Special Project Committee



NEW Body Approval

QSAC is pleased to announce the formal approval for the new Sportsman/Limited Sportsman/Grand National body that has been submitted
for evaluation and approval by WCM.
This new body was reviewed and evaluated against our current set of rules, as well as consideration and evaluation through the Impact Parts Committee.
The new offering from WCM is formally considered legal for competition in all QSAC sanctioned events as of today's date, Sunday, April 09, 2017.

Thank you,
Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs




Below is a list of important dates for for Members, Racers, Track Owner/Operators

August 1st, Deadline for Rules Change Proposals
October 1st, Deadline for 2018 QSAC Championship Event Bid Package
December 1st, 2018 QSAC Championship Lottery/Announcement
January 1st, 2018, 2018 QSAC Rules Package Released

QSAC Leadership Team



Suggestion Form Updated

The QSAC Suggestion Form has been updated with Terry's address on it.
Print it out and get those suggestions in.



2017 QSAC Rule Book Released

Greeting QSAC Members and fellow quarter scale racers

We are pleased to present to you the 2017 QSAC Rules Package. We have removed quite a bit of "non-rules related" items from the rules package in an effort to reduce clutter and focus on the functionality of the document. This effort resulted in a rules package that is 8 pages shorter than the previous version, while not removing one bit of rules related context in the process.

Looking forward, we have made strides toward a reformatted rules package that will be much easier to read and comprehend. There is still considerable work to be completed, as well as a considerable effort in proof-reading and cross-checking that nothing was inadvertently missed or removed. We appreciate your continued patience and believe the end result will certainly be worth the wait.

While the racing season is just getting underway in parts of the country, we want to extend wishes for warm weather, dry skies, and clear asphalt for a great year of racing in 2017.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



2017 QSAC Rules Package

Greetings QSAC Members and fellow quarter scale racers

At this time, there will be no changes to the basic context of the rules for 2017 with the exception of the addition of one (1) OEM insulator (phenolic block) part number. This is a reflection of a numbering change that occurred during the transition from our engine supplier being identified as "Komatsu Zenoah" to "Husqvarna Zenoah" and is documented in the part list in the back of the printed manual that is included with a new engine.

Our intention is to provide a released copy of the 2017 QSAC Official Rules Package by March 15th, 2017. There are some clutter/clerical items we would like to address that do not impact context of the established rules or technical definitions.

Ideas that were submitted for rules change consideration this past 2016 will be included with any additional requests that are received before the 2017 deadline. They will not fall by the wayside, but rather included in the evaluation process for the 2018 rule book.

In addition, there has been considerable conversation between the two Co-Chairs as well as our previous Co-Chair about reformatting the rule book along with eliminating redundancy. This will be a considerable undertaking as the current format is not editor friendly in the least bit. It will also require some individuals that are willing to step-up and offer their time to read and evaluate this reformatting for context and consistency. If you are willing, please reach out to both Co-Chairs to express your interest. This is your organization; you can have a positive, beneficial impact.

We appreciate your time and patience. Thank you for your continued support of QSAC and quarter scale racing.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



Quarterscale NEWS

As we are sure most have heard by now Terry Rae has stepped away from the manufacturing side of Quarterscale. He has been instrumental in several innovations in Quarterscale and we all take for granted some of the things he has brought us. On behalf of all the Quarterscale racers out there, past, present and future;
Thank You Terry for all you have done.
Have no fear TNT owners, for the TNT name will carry on. The TNT name and design has been purchased by Richard Coffey and and Abernathy of Hickory, North Carolina. All of us here at QSAC wish Richard and Andy the best of luck and welcome them both the the QSAC family of QuarterScale manufacturers.

With that all being said, there are changes to the Rules Ratification Committee as well.
Richard Coffey will assume the TNT manufacturer representative spot and as was announced Monday 2/27/17, with Terry Rae being appointed to the Rules Committee Chairman position, Terry will occupy a spot on the RRC.

For the new complete Committee Member list, just click the Committee Member button at the top of the page.



New Rules Committee Chair Named

Dear Members,
Effective Today 2/27/17 Terry Rea will become the new QSAC Rules Committee Chairman. Without question, Terry will bring Years of experience to our origination. His understanding of quarter scale, and QSAC are unquestionable. We look forward to his experience, and expertise to help bring QSAC and Quarter scale racing to the next level.

I personally would like to thank Scott Harper for his help, guidance, and passion for QSAC and Quarter Scale Racing. Working with Scott as a Co-Chairman has taught me what QSAC needs to look at and the direction we need to take as we move forward.

Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chair



New ECM Body Approval

The new ECM body manufactured by SZM has been approved for competition in all QSAC sanctioned races starting 2/24/17.

Contact Marty Freedle of SZM to order. You may contact Marty via FaceBook or call him 336-409-7837

We welcome SZM to the ever growing number of suppliers and manufacturers bringing you, the racers, products so we can enjoy our sport.

The QSAC Leadership Team



Sportsman Cups

This past fall, our previous manufacturer and point of sales representative for our Sportsman Cups asked us to seek a new manufacturer and point of sales representative moving forward. We sought quotes from at least three different machine shops and were able to secure a deal with SpeedWorks Machine, L.L.C. for the production of our QSAC Sportsman Cups. We have a batch of 50 that will be available for purchase on March 20th, 2017. For convenience, these will be handled by Mike Sadler in addition to the QSAC Restrictor Plates and Manifolds he currently handles. The new Sportsman Cups will come vacuum sealed and will include an O-ring.

Pricing will be $15 each, plus shipping for QSAC members
$25 each plus shipping for Non QSAC Members.

Please contact Mike Sadler via text message at (214) 542-2325 after March 20th, 2017.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



February Updates

Greetings fellow QSAC members, we have a few updates for your February enjoyment.

We are pleased to announce that we have a Charitable Organization affiliated with our 2017 QSAC Championship; Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. Craig specializes in Spinal Cord injury (SCI) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). One of our own members, Doug Murphy, has been a beneficiary of their skilled staff in helping him rebound beyond expectations from a spinal injury he received. We will be announcing, at a later date, how we will be raising funds for Craig Hospital. In addition, Craig will be sending a media crew to Lakeside Speedway in Clover, SC during the 2017 QSAC Championship to document Doug's progress and success through their program. This is a great opportunity for all of us to showcase quarter scale racing as well as the great fun and fellowship we all enjoy together.

We hope your 2017 is shaping up to be a great one for you and your family. We are looking forward to the spring thaw and getting that sweet sound of two-cycle engines ringing in our ears along with rich smell of VP racing fuel filling our noses!

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



On-Line Pre-Registration

On behalf of QSAC, we are pleased to announce the opening of pre-registration for the 2017 QSAC Championship, starting today, Friday, February 3rd, 2017.

Pre-registration (with the discounted rates previously shared and outlined *), will be available online through midnight, Eastern time zone, June 1st, 2017. After that date and time, the discounted rates will no longer be available.

In an effort to minimize the financial impact of pre-registration for the full amount, QSAC has established pre-registration fees as outlined below:

To pre-register, all that is required is a $20 pre-registration fee, per class, that is non-refundable, and paid via PayPal.

Yep; it's that simple. Click the button at the top QSAC On-Line 2017 Championship Race Pre-Registration and follow the instructions and provide the required information.

Upon arrival to Lakeside Speedway, in Clover, SC for the 2017 QSAC Championship, completion of payment will be required before you or your vehicles are allowed on the track.

We are very excited about this event and have been receiving A LOT of positive feedback and enthusiasm in anticipation of a great week of fun, fellowship, and racing.

* Please note, as a reminder, here are the entry fees for this historic event:

Entry fee, per event: $50
(this is for the individual that shows up the day of the race or the day before one of the events during the week)
Entry fee, per event, IF PREREGISTERED: $35
(This is for the individual that would only attend two of the three events)
The Events are Tuesday's Race, Wednesday's Race and the Friday Race
Entry fee for all three events, IF PREREGISTERED: $100
*** Fuel fee: ZERO!! Fuel is provided by Bobby Taylor Oil Co.***
Multiple class discount(s): $10 reduction, per each additional class
- Example: Racer X pre-registers for three classes, for all three races:
- Entry Cost(s): $100 (1st class), $90 (2nd class), and $90 (3rd class), $280 total

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



QSAC National Championship Race Fee

2017 QSAC Championship UPDATE

QSAC has received some questions regarding the entry fee(s) for the 2017 QSAC Championship. In an effort to provide clarity, here are the race fees for the 2017 QSAC Championship. As announced previously, race fuel fees have been waived for this event through a fuel sponsorship with Bobby Taylor Oil Co, Fayetteville, NC.

In addition, we will be announcing details about pre-registering online via PayPal very soon; stay tuned!

Entry fee, per event: $50
(this is for the individual that shows up the day of the race or the day before one of the events during the week)
Entry fee, per event, IF PREREGISTERED: $35
(This is for the individual that would only attend two of the three events)

The Events are Tuesday's Race, Wednesday's Race and the Friday Race

Entry fee for all three events, IF PREREGISTERED: $100

Fuel fee: ZERO!! Fuel is provided by Bobby Taylor Oil Co.

Multiple class discount(s): $10 reduction, per each additional class

- Example: Racer X pre-registers for three classes, for all three races:
- Entry Cost(s): $100 (1st class), $90 (2nd class), and $90 (3rd class), $280 total

The QSAC Leadership Team



2017 QSAC Dirt Nationals

On behalf of QSAC and Mike Willmann, we are pleased to announce the details for the 2017 QSAC Dirt Oval Nationals.

When: August 24-26
Where: Outlaw Raceway Park
10500 Raymond Rd
Lincoln, NE
Classes: 1/4 Sprints * **
Details: Practice Thursday; Hot Laps: 6:00 PM, Racing 7:00 PM
Racing Friday and Saturday; Hot Laps: 6:00 PM, Racing 7:00
Awards presented to the top three finishers.

Race Format: To be announced at a later date
Entry: $50 first class, $30 each additional class. ***
Contact: Mike Willmann - Cell: 402-770-3571, Track: 402-786-5513

QSAC Rules apply. No spiked tires; checkerboard patterned tires only.

NOTE: There is no electric provided; please bring your own power source. Camping is available on site.
*Additional 1/4 scale classes welcomed; minimum 3 to compete.
** 1/5 Scale Outlaw Sprint Cars as a filler class for the Saturday portion of the race weekend.
*** Outlaw Raceway Park is a QSAC sanctioned track. QSAC Membership is required to participate.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



2017 QSAC Championship UPDATES

On behalf of QSAC and Steve Bess, we are pleased to share with you some exciting news!

The 2017 QSAC Championship VP Racing Fuel will be supplied by Dave Taylor of Bobby Taylor Oli Co, Fayetteville, NC. It is great to have a locally owned business step-up and provide sponsorship for this historic event. However, sharing the news of Bobby Taylor Oil Co as our fuel sponsor doesn't stop here with just a sponsorship announcement!!!

In addition, the fuel fee of $10 per class is being lifted!
That's right; there will no longer be a $10 per class fuel fee when you register for the 2017 QSAC Championship!

A big "thank you" goes out to Steve Bess for helping to orchestrate this sponsorship for the 2017 QSAC Championship.

Stay tuned as there will be more and more exciting news regarding the 2107 QSAC Championship as well as more sponsorship news in the coming weeks. Our Special Projects Committee, headed by Brad Boling with assistance from Todd Holloway, is busy gathering the sponsors for the event. These two guys have been working hard behind the scenes piecing together a great list of sponsors for this event.

*** We'll have an announcement regarding the availability of online pre-registration for the 2017 QSAC toward the end of January.

Thank you,
Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



QSAC Championship Race Hotel Info

On behalf of QSAC and Steve Bess, we are pleased to announce the hotel choices for the 2017 QSAC Championship being held at the
Lakeside Speedway just outside of Clover, SC.

We are excited as the planning continues to take shape for this event and are looking forward to seeing everyone for this historic event at the beautiful Lakeside Speedway.

Quality Inn is considered the "host hotel" for the event.
Quality Inn
Kings Mountain NC
704-739-7070 (Direct, local number for the hotel)
When reserving a room, please ask for the "Lakeside Rate". This is $69 per night and includes breakfast and free wifi. ***

Holiday Inn Express
Kings Mountain NC
877 320 8454

Holiday Inn Express
Gastonia NC
877 320 8454

There is also a campground near the track that is available for those who would like to embrace Mother Nature and the beauty around the NC/SC border.

Kings Mountain National Park Campground
803 222 3209

*** It may be possible to obtain a cheaper room rate via one of the online trip assistance websites (e.g. kayak.com, tripadvisor.com, priceline.com, etc).

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



Happy New Year

HNY 2017


Merry Christmas

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all the Members and Quarter Scale Racers worldwide from all of us here at QSAC.

Merry Christmas 2016


Quarter Scale Black Book

There have been a few requests for this, so to make it easy here is a direct link to it.

You can get the entire Black Book here.



Welcome Ken Leiker to the Leadership Team

On behalf of QSAC, we would like to announce the appointment of Ken Leiker as the new Chair for the Long Range Planning Committee.
Ken has been involved with quarter scale racing for about five years. Ken brings to the table an energetic, yet structured background along with a very genuine love for quarter scale racing and QSAC.
Ken is already working on some themes/ideas for QSAC moving forward.Please join us in welcoming Ken to the QSAC leadership team. We look forward to possibilities that lie ahead.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



QSAC Memberships

Are you a Member? Is your racing buddy a Member? How many Members do we have?

All great questions and now it is easier for you to find out. Just click the button on the menu bar and you will be taken directly to the most current membership list.

Now about those memberships. By now you should have received an email from Doreen about the 2017 membership renewals. If you have not, either you were not a current member OR your email address we have on file is incorrect. Please keep us informed of your current contact information.

The preferred method is to do it on-line an to pay via Pay-Pal. You do not have to open a Pay-Pal account to pay your membership. Below is the email Doreen sent out in case you missed it.

There are now two locations to Join or renew. The QSAC On-Line Membership button in the menu bar at the top of this site or the JOIN button on the QSAC FaceBook page.

To all QSAC members:

For 2017, we are asking that all members pay their 2017 membership dues via the QSAC website using PayPal. This will not only help ensure we have your correct contact info for mailing member cards and emailing ballots, but will relieve the track of the responsibility of collecting and remitting membership applications, Your PayPal receipt will provide you proof of membership while you are waiting for your membership card to arrive in the mail. Furthermore, it will make it easier for me to maintain our membership list when I am on the road. Note: When registering, you can use any credit or debit card. A PayPal account is not required.

If you arrive at the track and have not yet paid your membership, you can easily use a cell phone to access the website and instantly join QSAC. For those members who do not use credit cards or PayPal, please call me and we will work out an alternate process. I appreciate your help in streamlining our membership process!

Please remember that our QSAC insurance is only valid when EVERYONE inside the pits and racing areas has a valid membership. It is every members responsibility to help ensure that track rules are followed. (See QSAC rulebook, page 5.) Membership lists are updated at least monthly and can be found under the "Files and Downloads" tab.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns regarding membership. For those members who have already paid for 2017, cards will be postmarked 11/30/2017.

We hope you have a run racing season!
Doreen Brown, QSAC Sec/Treas
(517) 410-3754 (please call between 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. PST / 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. EST)

On behalf of the QSAC Co-Chairs and the Leadership Team, THANK YOU to all the members for making this another GREAT SEASON of Quarter Scale racing, QSAC style!



Official Press Release
2017 QSAC National Championship Format

Here it is racers, what you have been waiting so patiently for.
After countless hours on the phone, texts and emails we bring to you
The Race to be a part of in 2017.
We think we have combined the best of everything in one event.
Just click on the link below and you will see the entire Press Release.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs
and the QSAC Leadership Team

You can get the entire Press Release here.



Letter from Joe Depinto
Joe Brooks

Greetings fellow QSAC members

On behalf of myself and Joe DePinto, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Scott Harper for the time, willingness, and dedication he has given QSAC, QSAC members, and the entire quarter scale community.

On a personal note, thank you to the QSAC members for entrusting me with the opportunity to be one of your Co-Chairs these next two years. I will do my utmost to work alongside Joe DePinto and the rest of the QSAC leadership team to continue the legacy that has been built before me.

We've had some change within the QSAC leadership heading into the off-season.

-Kevin McDougald has humbly stepped down from his position as QSAC Rules Committee Chairman. Kevin did an outstanding job for QSAC and its members this past year. Kevin's presence will be sorely missed on the leadership team. Thank you, Kevin, for all of your work with the Rules Committee this past season; you did a great job!

- Scott Harper has been appointed as the new Rules Committee Chairman effective November 2nd, 2016. Scott's history and track record speak for themselves. Thank you for continuing your volunteer work for QSAC and quarter scale racing.

- Chad Quinn has also humbly stepped down from his position as QSAC Special Project Committee Chairman. Chad provided a strong effort and brought together a great sponsorship package for the 2016 QSAC NCS; to say it was second to none would be an understatement. Thank you, Chad, for all of the time and passion you invested into the 2016 QSAC NCS efforts; you did a great job!

- Brad Boling has been appointed as the new Special Project Committee Chairman effective November 2nd, 2016. Brad worked on the Special Project Committee with Chad this past year. The transition will be smooth as Brad has already been discussing ideas for the upcoming 2017 QSAC Championship and has brought Todd Holloway on board to support the efforts.

- With the departure of Kevin McDougald, Kevin Verschuure, and Chad Quinn, there is a change to the Rules Ratification Committee (RRC). Scott Harper and Brad Boling will step-in and fill the slots previously occupied by Kevin McDougald and Chad Quinn. Once Kevin Verschuure's replacement has been appointed, that individual will fill the "TBA" slot on the RRC.

- Our current Long Range Planning Chairman, Kevin Verschuure, has asked the Co-Chairs to seek a replacement for his position. With the long range planning, we will be looking for an individual that embodies a level of initiative and drive as we look to expand and develop the Regional/District aspect of QSAC. If you or anyone you know that is a QSAC member and may be interested in being appointed to this position, please contact either Joe DePinto or Joe Brooks.

As we head into 2017, we are excited about the changes we are continuing to develop and refine for the 2017 QSAC Championship. Both Joe and I want to express how much we look forward to continuing an open communication policy with our membership. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either one of us.

We look forward to working with the membership this coming year.

Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
QSAC Co-Chairs



Thank You QSAC Members

I can hardly believe it has been two years already. Time really flies when you are having fun. And yeah it has been fun.

My goal when I was elected was to leave QSAC a little better than I came in, like my predecessors. I hope you guys think that goal was reached. There certainly have been some advances in QSAC over the last couple of years, memberships are up and so is participation both locally and nationally.

QSAC is in great hands with the addition of Joe Brooks as Co-Chair so I know we are going to continue down the road to getting even better.

Thank you everyone for your support and the discussions, even when we disagreed.

It would not feel right without thanking a few guys. Todd Holloway, Mike Sadler, Joe DePinto, Joe Brooks, Tim Smith, Jerry Evans, all the guys at LPR and many, many more. You all allowed me to bounce ideas off of you and put up with my venting at times.

Most of all, thank each and every one of you who I have become friends with. The racing is fun but the friendships and the fellowship are what I am going to remember more than any pass or finish on the track.

I will see you guys at the races.

Joe Brooks, if there is any advice I could offer it is this. Always keep the playing field level and trust your gut.

Scott Harper
QSAC #1984



2017 QSAC Championship Location Decided

The drawing has been held and the 2017 QSAC National Championship Race has been awarded to


All of us here at QSAC are looking forward to working with Steve Bess and his team to bring you an event like you have never seen before.
Make those vacation plans now! You will be hearing all the details as they are decided.

You can see the video of the drawing on this page or on the QSAC FaceBook page.



2017 QSAC Championship
Track Announcement

With this years new format and 4 tracks having put in a bid, we will be announcing the location of the 2017 QSAC National Championship on Sunday October 2, 2016 at 6pm Central time.

This won't be an ordinary announcement, we are doing this one LIVE on the QSAC Facebook page.

We aren't just picking the track, each track has an equal shot in being awarded the race. We are doing a reverse lottery, last track to be drawn is the winner.

Tune in the QSAC facebook page at 6pm Central to see the drawing LIVE.



2017 QSAC Championship Announcement

After countless discussions, and more suggestions than any one of us can remember, the QSAC Co-Chairs; Scott Harper and Joe DePinto; the Co-Chair Elect, Joe Brooks; and the Competition Director, Mike Sadler are pleased to present to the QSAC membership the preliminary plans for the 2017 QSAC Championship.

Details that we have confirmed are as follows:

- The 2017 QSAC Championship will be held the week of
July 17th through July 21st, 2017.

The races will be held Monday through Friday allowing for travel to be done on the weekends before and after the race.

The format and specific details of the 2017 QSAC Championship have yet to be completed. However, we can tell you there will be multiple races throughout the week. Yes; races, as in more than one.

We wanted to share this announcement with our fellow members to let them know of this exciting news for quarter scale racing in 2017.

The venue/location for the 2017 QSAC Championship has not been chosen at this point. The deadline for consideration for the 2017 QSAC Championship is October 1st, 2016. If you are a track owner/operator and would like to be considered as a potential host for this historic event, please complete the bid package form and send it in before the deadline expires.

Track Owner/Operators, there is now a tab you can click to get the bid package.

There are a few things that are certain; there will be A LOT of racing, A LOT of time for fellowship and food, and an opportunity for us to have that one event that draws all of us together at one time.

We hope the membership is able to see what we are doing with this announcement, that you will embrace this opportunity, come out to the event, and have a great time with a great group of fellow QSAC members. Oh, and even get to race a quarter scale car.

We ask, respectfully, that our fellow race series organizers not schedule any race events two weeks prior to or after the 2017 QSAC Championship. This allows all quarter scale racers the opportunity to attend all of the races that will be offered in 2017 without having to pick favorites or competing priorities.

In anticipation of potential questions regarding the plans for the 2017 QSAC Championship, we offer the following:

Why were those specific dates and a one-week event chosen?

- It allows for the planning of the 2017 QSAC Championship early enough, prior to the actual calendar year change, so that everyone should have ample time to make their plans and attend this event.
- It minimizes the time away from their local/home track or series by having one big event instead of four smaller events throughout the year, thus allowing the continuation of the growth of all quarter scale racing for all series across the country.
- It greatly decreases the limitations that are created through the graduation season, the summer holiday season, and the school year challenges that many face.
- It will hopefully decrease challenges and concerns with racers that are not able to split their vacation time over two back-to-back partial work weeks (due to taking partial time off of two weeks).
- It allows for travel to take place the weekends prior to the event, and after the event.

We Thank All of You for Your Support,

Scott Harper
Joe DePinto
Joe Brooks
Mike Sadler



2016 Partners Drawing Winners

Every year QSAC has a drawing from all the members that joined QSAC by March 31st of the current year.

Here are this years winners:

David Wadsager 2286 -- Intake
Mark Holton Jr. 2307 -- Intake
Adam Radiske 2050 --Engine
Kevin DeShone 2204 --Engine
Ron Shoeb 101 -- 2017 Membership
Todd Bishop 690 -- 2017 Membership
Mike Jennings 2116 -- 2017 Membership
Justin Altemeier 2248 -- 2017 Membership

For those of you that won a QSAC intake, please contact Mike Sadler to let him know which one you want.

Thank you all for another GREAT QSAC SEASON!!



presented by
Hoosier Racing Tire
National Champions

The season has come to a close, all the laps have been run and the racers have returned to the pits and finally back to their garages. The points have been totalled and here are the Top 3 in each of the Classes.

Sprint Car
1st -- Noal Templeton 299
2nd -- Todd Holloway 293
3rd -- Mike Sadler 292

Limited Sportsman
1st -- David Swearengen 295
2nd -- Bruce Triplett 274
3rd -- Jay Wiedel 188

1st -- Tom Standridge 296
2nd -- Scott Harper 292
3rd -- Gregg Grahan 285

East Coast Modified
1st -- Todd Holloway 299
2nd -- Noal Templeton 297
3rd -- Alex Livingston 294

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 QSAC NCS presented by Hoosier Racing Tire National Champions

Sprint Car -- Noal Templeton
Limited Sportsman -- David Swearengen
Sportsman -- Tom Standridge
East Coast Modified -- Todd Holloway

You can check out all of the points by clicking the Points button at the top of the page.

This 2016 NCS season was a season of new ideas. We had cash payouts, a National Race Director, 4 race season & QSAC's own computer, just to name a few. And you know what? It all worked. How do we know that? the number of racers is up, not only in the NCS but all over the Nation. Manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up with demand. But would you like to know the most important factor we use to determine success?
It is YOU the racers, do you keep coming back, and you did in higher numbers than in years past.

I ask that you guys take some time and thank all the sponsors of this seasons NCS Series, they are the ones that made it all possible along with the tireless efforts of the QSAC Leadership Team. These are the guys in the background doing the legwork and making all the magic happen.

Look for more updates here in the coming days, lots of changes coming again. A new season, a new Co-Chair and who knows what else!

Thank you all for a great season,
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chair
QSAC #1984



Co-Chair Election Results

The ballots hae been counted and the results are in.

It is my pleasure to announce my successor, Joe Brooks.

I am sure Joe will do a great job, just as he has being Race Director. The three of us, Joe Brooks, Joe DePinto and myself have lots of things to finish up before November so we will be working together in the planning of next season.

Scott Harper




Please submit your track if you wish to hold a QSAC Race in the 2017 season. We are in the process of deciding the season and type of schedule for the 2017 season.



QSAC NCS Points Updated

The points for the 2016 QSAC NCS presented by Hoosier Race tires have been updated just click on the 2016 points tab and check out where you stand.



QSAC NCS #3 Results

The results, heats and mains, are now available under 2016 NCS Results.



Joe Brooks running for Co-Chair

Greetings fellow QSAC members,

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Joe Brooks. I currently reside in Rockton, IL and am involved with my local QSAC- sanctioned track, Machesney Park Raceway. In addition, for the 2016 season, I am working as National Race Director for QSAC for the 2016 NCS. I am also part of the Rules Committee team.

It is my pleasure to announce my candidacy for the 2016 QSAC Co-Chair election.

A brief overview of my RC background: I have been involved with RC racing on and off since the summer of 1989 when I received my first RC car for my 18th birthday (a Kyosho Raider for those interested in the details), and more specifically with quarter scale racing since 2000. As previously acknowledged, I am a local to MPR (Machesney Park Raceway, located in Machesney Park, IL), and while I have not raced since the 2010 season, I have been involved with the track through helping race direct and facilitate bigger events at MPR since the fall of 2010.
I have a love and a passion for quarter scale racing. Each time I�ve stepped back from quarter scale racing, the joy and excitement has never left my mind or my heart. I look at this candidacy as a possible opportunity to "give back" to QSAC and quarter scale racing. I am an honest individual; my integrity does not come with a price tag. If I do not know an answer to a question, I will be honest and direct and tell you that I do not know or have an answer (e.g. no fluff or fabricated responses). I believe and advocate idea-based solutions and problem solving; I am not a fan of complaints with no possible consideration for alternate ideas or the consideration for the opposing view.
My goal, should I be elected, is to continue the direction our current Co-Chairs, as well as their predecessors, have chartered toward a completely open, honest, transparent organization that fosters healthy dialogue and discussion as we work toward making QSAC and quarter scale racing even better than it is today. As you consider the candidates for this coming election, if you feel that you have questions you'd like to ask, I can be reached via the following:
email: joebrooks39@gmail.com
cell: 815-877-5786
I'd ask that you please keep in mind I have a daytime job; it may be very challenging for me to respond during normal business hours. Please leave a message or text and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.
Thank you for your consideration,
Joe Brooks
QSAC # 39



Kenny Tillman running for Co-Chair

Fellow QSAC Members,
I, Kenny Tillman am declaring my candidacy for the 2017 QSAC Co Chair position.
Some people may ask why do I want to do this? Well it's simple, my love and passion for racing and I do not want to see QSAC become another dinosaur. I have been a R/C enthusiast for many years and have been a member of several organizations in the hobby and I've seen them come and go. Well I'm in this for the long haul because I want to see QSAC continue to grow, expand, and thrive.
As Co-Chair I would like to see the participation increase, interest and commitment to the quality of our events and the strength of our organization. I would like to ensure that everyone has a chance to talk and contribute to committee decisions. As a whole, brainstorm new ideas to help with the growth of membership and the car counts at our major events.
I cannot do this alone. It takes a group of people willing to work, talk, and spend many unpaid hours to make this the best sanctioning body that it can be.
So today I ask for your vote, your commitment, and your enthusiasm to take QSAC to a new level. Where it needs to be and where the membership wants it to be. Should you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me, my email address is kennytillmanjr@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration,
Kenny Tillman



New Product Approval

In accordance with the QSAC Rules regarding impact parts, WCM submitted a new shock for consideration to the Co-Chairs and the Impact parts committee. After looking at the shock and talking with WCM it is the ruling of the Impact Parts Committee that the new WCM DRX Shocks are approved for QSAC competition. For further information on these shocks, please contact WCM.




RACE is under a RAIN DELAY
Updates will be available on the QSAC Facebook page. QSAC Live Broadcast information willbe updated on the QSAC Facebook page also.



A friendly reminder, the hot pits, racing surface and the drivers stands are considered participant only areas. All Racers, Pit Personnel and Mecahnics must display a Current QSAC Membership Card at all times and to be able to enter these areas. You must also present your current QSAC card upon registration. No one will be allowed in the hot pits, the racing surface or on the drivers stand without this card. We understand that some memberships will be purchased on the day of the race and provisions have been made to make sure we know who our new members are.

Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



QSAC NCS #1 Live Broadcast

The race will be coming to you LIVE on www.liverc.com. On the right side of the main screen you will see a listing of the tracks that are racing, find QSAC NCS, click on watch now. That will load the LIVE RC interface, find the QSAC race and click on that.

We will update the QSAC Facebook page with the broadcast times and the schedule.



QSAC 2017

With the first NCS race less than a week away it does not seem like the season will be over soon, but before we know it the season will be done and we will be making plans for the 2017 Season. It is never too early to start planning for the future.

Which brings up the QSAC Co-Chair position. As you all know we have two Co-Chairs with one being replaced each year, leaving one "experienced" Co-Chair in place.

This is my last year as Co-Chair and time to start thinking about who will run as my replacement.

If you are interested in running for the office of Co-Chair, or know someone who would, please contact them and either myself or Joe DePinto.

Scott Harper


New QSAC Intake Gaskets

After much research last season and in talking with several racers around the country we started looking into improving the QSAC Intake Block gaskets.

Thanks to the crew at Waterjet Fabricating and QS Components we now have NEW intake gaskets that will perform better that what was previously used. These gaskets are make from fuel and oil resistant gasket material and are the same thickness as the previous gaskets. They are a direct replacement.

As of right now, these gaskets are legal for QSAC competition for the 2016 QSAC NCS Season.

These gaskets are available directly from QS Components, You may order them ONLY BY CALLING, they are not available on the website as of yet.

We know that racers are coming to the NCS race in Florida and may not have time to order them and make the trip. Not to worry, QSAC has our racers covered. We will have sets available for sale at the race.

QS Components is going to sell these gaskets seperately or as a set. They are $5 each and $10 for the set, plus shipping of course.

The only way you will be able to purchase the gaskets at the QSAC NCS Race will be as a complete set.

You may order these gaskets by calling QS Components 1-888-871-1210
Gasket set part number 7017561498
Carb Gasket part number 4017561450
Manifold Gasket part number 4017561441


gasket gasket


New Series Title Sponsor

It is with great pleasure that, we here at QSAC, announce a change for the 2016 Racing Season.

Due to certain obligations not being met by the previously announced Title Sponsor changes had to be made.

With that being stated it is our great pleasure to announce that this seasons Title Sponsor will be Hoosier Racing Tire

Hoosier Racing Tire was a sponsor last season of the Jim Wolfe Live cam and has stepped in now as the Title Sponsor of the 2016 QSAC NCS Series.

All of us here at QSAC are looking forward to having Hoosier Racing Tire with us again this season.



Inside Quarterscale Show

Everybody thinks we need more exposure in a way that will appeal to not only those of us that know about Quarterscale, but to the sponsors of out series' and to those who do not know what it is we do in Quarterscale Racing.

Well here it is, The Inside Quarterscale Show.

This show is being done by Freddy Miavitz of Freddie's Hobbies and he has done an outstanding job.

This show will bring all of you the latest in Quarterscale News, Races, Results and New Products from around the country and even the globe.
All you have to do is get Freddy the info.

So click on the two shows over to the right, sit back and enjoy.



QSAC Newsletter Returns

We are proud to announce that the QSAC Newsletter is once again ready to come to you.

James Adamson has agreed to write the QSAC Newsletter. James has done a great job writing up race reports for Lagoon Park R/C Raceway.

The email list is coming from Dorren and Chad. If you are a QSAC Member this will be coming to the email that is on file with your membership. If you do not receive it, but would like to, drop James a line at qsacnews@qsac.org, this is the same address that the newsletter will come from.

The QSAC Newsletter should be in your inbox this weekend.

If you would like to contribute to the QSAC Newsletter, send in a request.



QSAC NCS Race #1 Flyer


You can get the flyer here.



2016 RuleBook Released

The 2016 QSAC Rulebook is ready for download.

There is only one major change and that has to do with the allowing of RC4Less Tires to be legal in competition and with the mixing of tire brands.

The page numbers have been shaken up a bit from the 2015 RuleBook, this is due to adding a new manufacturer page, much like the one here in the site and the Tire Rules. They had to be moved to their own page.

All in all, no major changes as far as engines, chassis or how things are done.



2016 Tire Rules

To say that this change for QSAC has been discussed would be the understatement of the century.

The tire manufactured by RC4Less was submitted for approval to the Impact Parts Committee, by RC4Less, for consideration.

When the IPC came to their conclusion it was decided that the RC4Less tire would be legal for competition in QSAC/NCS races starting this season.

This decision from the IPC came with several suggestions, one of which was submitted to the Rules Ratification Committee.

Their rulings can be found by clicking here for sheet 1 or here for sheet 2.

That rules change was all the tires run in competiton on the car must be all from the same manufacturer, no mixing of brands. The actual rule change that was submitted reads as follows:

Page 20, column 2:
14. No mixing of Brands/Manufacturers of tires allowed. This is to say that all four tires being ran in competition must be from the same manufacturer.

This suggested Rule Change was APPROVED by the RRC, the votes are as follows:
Chad Quinn -- Yes
Joel Hughes -- No
Bill Scott -- No
Kevin McDougald -- Yes
Mike Sadler -- Yes
Dave Dygon -- Yes
Kevin Verschuure -- Yes
Terry Rae -- Yes
Bob Lydecker -- Yes
Todd Bishop -- Yes
Mark Hogue -- Abstain*
Freddy Miavitz -- No vote*
Fred Murry -- Yes
Bruce Triplett -- Yes

*As per the By-laws a member not voting, abstention vote, shall be considered as relinquishing the vote to the Co-Chairs.

The 2016 Rulebook will be available shortly for download, the allowance of RC4Less tires, the compounds, their locations and the above rules addition are the only changes to the RuleBook as far as rules are concerned.

Thank you to the Impact Parts Committee and the Rules Ratifiction Committee for their work in these matters.

Scott Harper
Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chairs



A word from Joe

Dear QSAC Members, Manufacturers, and Suppliers,

We hope that everyone had a joyous, and festive Holiday Season, and that 2016 finds everyone healthy, and prosperous.
As we begin 2016 we also embark on a new chapter for QSAC, and Quarter Scale in general. Our goals as Co-chairs are to rebuild our hobby, and put the fun back into our hobby/sport.

Both Scott, and myself have been working diligently during the off season to find the root causes of problems related with our membership, and attendance at races both local and national. We have put together a focus group headed by Bob Barker, and have analyze our industry and what we might be able to accomplish as we move forward. One of the subjects we covered was, NCS races might be too far, or too costly for many to attend. Scott, and myself understand this situation, and thus the reason for going to a four race series, and spacing them two months apart. I would like our membership to understand we can not accommodate everyone at the same time, but we haven't forgotten about you. Our members need to understand that the Co-chairs are responsible for every QSAC member, and tracks across our great nation. The upper Midwest right now is the Hot Bed for QSAC members, and tracks, and as such, might not need the same attention as other parts of the country. Some might be a little selfish, and only look at the needs in their area, as opposed to districts needing help to gain enthusiasm which could encourage new racers, and help grow the sport. The main reason for the NCS is to put on a show in areas for exposure of our sport/hobby, put money into their club/track, and to support them anyway we can. The best support our membership can offer the areas that are struggling would be to support the NCS races which in turn will generate more money for them, and encourage them to continue. Some may ask why should I be worried about other areas when I have the best track/club in the country close to my home?? The whole idea behind supporting them is so others can enjoy the same opportunity that you enjoy. Maybe we can support the local tracks/club by having an NCS race with members from different parts of the country who share the same passion and are willing to give back, or pay it forward for others less fortunate?

I would like to pose a question to our members, and ask for your help. If the NCS fails what did we gain? If any series, track, or club fails, what did we gain? I am positive that the majority of our membership understands this, and will do what is needed for success. I encourage everyone to think outside the box, and look at the big picture of what we would all like to see, and help make it happen. Please support the NCS, as you would be supporting more then just QSAC, you will be expanding our family throughout our country.

I reluctantly need to address a problem we have within our membership that needs to be corrected. Unfortunately there are a few that breed contempt and havoc which is hurting us ALL more then these few will ever understand. There are people we meet in our life time that will blame the world for their problems, and this will spill over into everything they do. Our sport/hobby is something most of us enjoy, and hope to have fun at when we get together. Please remember why we all decided to become a part of our hobby/sport, and get involved.

While I'm on the subject of getting involved, we have MANY members volunteering for positions on the various committees, and have gotten the committees more involved with the decision making process. I am truly grateful to each and every one of you for your help and dedication as we work together for the betterment of all. The diversification of the committee members will help QSAC make the correct decision that will best suit all of our concerns.

As most of you know the Special Project Committee headed by Chad, has exceeded our expectations in the very short time they had to get sponsors for the NCS Races, and QSAC in general, which will benefit us all.

Soon we will be making announcements for the 2016 season, and hope with these announcements the membership will be pleased to see all the hard work that has been, and continues to be done for the betterment of our sport/hobby.

Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chair



Website Changes

All of us here at QSAC hope that all of you and your families had a Very Merry Christmas and continue the Season with a Safe and Happy New Year.

With the New Year, a little early, there are a couple of new things here on the QSAC site.

First is the "Where to buy All this Cool Stuff" button. Now just one click can take you directly to all of those places to get what you need to keep you on the track. There are many more places on the local level, so be sure to check with your local racers for those places. If you know of one that should be listed, please contact the webmaster.

The next one is a simplified way to get to the suggestion form. Just click on the button, fill out the form and mail it in. EASY!

We encourage all of you guys to send in all those great ideas you have about how to make things better.

Look for many new things coming your way in the 2016 year/season.




In the never ending quest to bring you the racers the very best National Series, the best Racing and the best Competition. We have several new things going on this season.

QSAC is going to have the same Race Director at all 4 NCS Races.
The QSAC National Tech Director is going to be in charge of Tech at all 4 NCS Races.
QSAC now has it's own computer and printer for scoring. And thanks to the generosity of RC Scoring Pro, they are providing QSAC with the Scoring Software and are the Official Scoring Software of QSAC.
For the first time in a long time the QSAC NCS Races will be paying the top three in the Sprint Car, Sportsman and the ECM classes.
That is right, paying the top three. This has been a discussion for quite some time and this is what was decided.

The Purse will be as follows:
1st Place $200
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50
That is for each of the three paying classes. A total of $1050 at each race
and a Grand Total of $4200 for the season to be given away. The purse money is coming from QSAC. With NO increase in race fees, membership fees, sanctioning fees or changing the percentage for the tracks.

Now it is possible to win back some of your travel expenses when you come to a QSAC NCS race.

We are always looking for ways to improve the QSAC NCS races and this is definately one way to give back to the racers that attend them.

So get them ready racers, the first NCS race will be here before you know it.



Where to Buy Section

A neat addition to the site. The "Where to buy all this Cool Stuff" button has been added. Hopefully this will aid the racers both new and old to find what they are looking for. If you are a manufacturer and would like to be added to this list, please contact the webmaster.



Points and Standings Correction in Limited Sportsman

It has been discovered that an error in the calculation of the points totals and the final standings was made in the Limited Sportsman Class.

The new, corrected points totals are on the latest points sheet and the standings have been corrected.

We make every effort to avoid things like this but sometimes mistakes happen and must be corrected.

The new Limited Sportsman Standings are:
1st Doug McCallum
2nd Earl Clement
3rd Andy Abernathy
4th Daniel Rice
5th Gregg Grahn



2016 Title Sponsor Named

The Special Projects Committee is proud to announce that they have procured a Title Sponsor for the 2016 QSAC NCS Season.
One Eyed Willy's Speed Shop, a New Hobby Shop in Granville, Georgia, looking to get more involved with Quarter Scale and what better way than to team up with QSAC.

Check them out on Facebook and on the web One Eyed Willy's.




The flyer for the 2016 QSAC NCS Race Season,
more announcements coming soon!


You can get the flyer here. ********************************************************


QSAC Leadership Team Changes

We have been busy over the last couple of days making some changes to the Leadership Team, these are not all of the changes and new faces just the ones that we have in place as of now and we wanted to keep the membership up to date.

First of all, we both would like to thank Todd Holloway for his last two years serving as Co-Chair. Todd you made QSAC better through your tireless efforts and dedication, the entire club is in your debt. Enjoy being "just a racer" for a while, you earned it.

Scott Schramske, long time Rules Committee Chair has decided to relinquish his position so he may persue other things. Scott thank you for all you have done and for participating on the RRC.

Thanks to Randy Brown for filling the role of National Tech Director during the 2015 Season.

In the Central District, Dave Dygon will be moving into the District Director position and Doug Murphy will be the new Central District Northern Region Director.

Bill Scott will be returning as National Tech Director and serving on the RRC.

Noal Templeton is being added to the RRC on the manufacturers side, representing DieTech.

Chad Quinn is taking the Special Projects Committee Chairmanship and will be serving on the RRC.

Kevin McDougald will be taking the Rules Committee Chairmanship and also serving on the RRC.

These are not all of the changes, just the ones that we have finalized thus far.

There is still a need for volunteers to fill some Regional and Area directors positions as well as members on the committees. If you feel you would like to fill any of these positions, please contact either of the Co-Chairs or the Committee Chairs.

The contacts page has been updated.

Scott Harper
Joe Depinto
QSAC Co-Chairs



Introducing Joe DePinto as Co-Chair

Dear QSAC Members, Manufacturers, and Suppliers,

Today I start my journey for the next two years as Co-chair, and look forward to working with all of you. I sit here with a million things running through my head, while trying to figure out where to begin.

First I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work, and dedication of the following members for their perseverance, visions, and most importantly for taking on a thankless job.

Mike Sadler, after talking with you on so many different subjects these last few months, I have a new found respect for you as a person, as an ex co-chair, and most importantly your passion for QSAC, and Quarter Scale in general. Your views, ideas, suggestions, help, and willingness to listen are priceless. I would like to publicly thank you for all you have done, all that you are doing, and all that you will continue to do as we move forward. You truly are an asset and I look forward to working with you.

Todd Holloway, What can I say that would even come close to letting the members know what you have done over the last two years? Together you and Mike have started us on a path that has helped us unite, and grow. I've seen you repair broken bridges, bring people together, and have been a part of us getting the Live Race coverage we all now enjoy. I would personally like to thank you for your service, dedication, and your advice during what seemed to be endless battles of what are the best things for QSAC. Enjoy your new found time off, and enjoy your new home buddy, you've earned it.

Scott Harper, I look forward to our time together, and working with you on the many projects we have planned for the 2016 season, and beyond. I know that you and I will be able to carry on, and finish all of the good work you and Todd have done up til this point.

QSAC Members, I would like to thank you all for being a part of the highest level of RC Racing there is! The only difference between Quarter Scale, and full size racing is we don't sit in the cars.. We are one level below Go-Karts, and the intensity of which we feel for our hobby/sport are just as strong as any form of Racing. I would like to request a favor of all of you, and know with your help we will make QSAC better, stronger, and something we can ALL be proud of. I would like US all to use the passion, intensity, and determination we have for our hobby/sport towards a unification of what we ALL enjoy doing. I am asking each, and every one of you to put a positive spin on everything, and anything to do with QSAC, Quarter Scale, and each other. It is not in our best interest to air our disagreements on any public forum whatsoever. We ALL need to understand that the world is watching us, and we will reap what we sow. The more positive light we put on each other, and our hobby/sport will reward us with growth, sponsors, and most importantly interest in what we ALL enjoy doing. If we ALL work together, display good sportsmanship, comradery, and a positive altitude, our support, and growth will be endless. Remember we are all judged by our actions on the track, but very seldom do we think of how we are judged away from the track. The more positive we are towards each other, and our hobby/sport the better it is for all of us.

The rumor mill, We all know how rumors are started and I ask you ALL to contact any member on the management contact list. We need to STOP the tail from wagging the dog, and get the correct information, and truth out on any given subject. We all understand that we may not agree with the way things are done, or why. but and this is a big but, no one, let me repeat that, no one makes any decisions without researching every possibility of the effects of those decisions. Most of you have no idea of what goes on before a choice is made. There are hours, and hours spent on the phone, texts, emails, and of course the public forums to deal with.

I would like to address a few things, and trust me when I say it is in ALL our best interest to understand what our goals are. We the co-chairs want to grow, expand, promote, unify, and restore TRUST between ALL parties, whether a member, manufacturer, or sponsor.

There will be changes, some big, and some not so big. The changes are for all of our benefits, and not for a select few. QSAC is divided into West Coast, Central, and East Coast, we are not divided by North, and South. If your area wasn't chosen for a NCS Race this year, it will be next year, so remember to support the series, as you would like others to support you. We encourage ALL series to be successful, because if they are WE ALL WIN. By not supporting a track, or series, will only hurt ALL of us.

QSAC is not going to turn away any track, or manufacturer from joining us, and encourage them to help us grow. We need everyone to understand that there is a process for which every track, and manufacturer must go through. I can promise you all, any product that will benefit us will be welcomed with open arms, will bring better racing, and will help bring us to the next level. Racing is a constant progression, and we understand that.

In closing, I would like to wish you all a very festive, and safe holiday season, may you enjoy the comfort of family, and friends as 2015 comes to an end.

I hope that the New Year brings everyone good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chair



Proposed Rule Change

A proposed rules change was presented to QSAC by RC4Less and the Co-Chairs submitted it to the RRC, it is as follows:

Tire construction proposed rule change:
Page 20 Column 2
Current rule:

6. All classes shall use tire configurations as follows: A molded foam host mounted on an approved wheel and shall have a rubber outer band or cap. Spikes are allowed for dirt tracks only.

Proposed change:

Removal of the word "molded" from the rule 6, to read as follows:

6. All classes shall use tire configurations as follows: A foam host mounted on an approved wheel and shall have a rubber outer band or cap. Spikes are allowed for dirt tracks only. ONLY APPROVED MANUFACTURER RIMS, HOSTS,CAPS AND BANDS MAY BE USED.

The votes have been received and the results are as follows:

Joel Hughes - Yes
Fred Murray - Yes
Scott Schramske - No
Joe DePinto - No
Mark Hogue - Yes
Terry Rae - No
Fred Miavitz - No
Dave Dygon - No
Kevin Verschuure -Yes
Mike Sadler - No
Todd Bishop - No

With a 7-5 vote NOT IN FAVOR of the rules change, the rule stands as written.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



National Race Director

It is QSAC's pleasure to announce that in the effort to always strive to move the bar up, that there will be a National Race Director for the 2016 QSAC/NCS Season.

What does this mean for the racers?

It means that there will be more consistency in the way that the races are organized, run, called and officiated.

We are extremely happy to announce that the 2016 QSAC/NCS Race Director will be Joe Brooks.

For those os you who know Joe, his reputation preceeds him. For those of you who have not been to a race called by Joe, you will not be disappointed. He calls a very fair and consistent program and keeps things moving.

We here are QSAC are looking forward to working with Joe in the 2016 season.

Be sure to keep a lookout for even more exciting announcements coming up for the 2016 QSAC/NCS Season.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs
Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chair Elect


2016 QSAC NCS Schedule

The Co-Chairs, all three of them along with the competition director have taken in all the bids for the upcoming season and are pleased to announce the 2016 QSAC/NCS Race Season.

Remember this will be a 4 race season, counting your best 3 for the Championship. Also all four races in the 2016 season will follow the same format; Fast Lap Timed Qualifying, 2 heats and then the mains.

The 2016 QSAC/NCS Season

Race 1 March 18/19, 2016 Valkaria RC - Malabar, Fl.
Race 2 May 27/28, 2016 DFW Speedway - Burleson, Tx.
Race 3 July 8/9, 2016 Veterans Park Raceway - Algona, Ia.
Race 4 Sept 2/3, 2016 Lakeside Speedway - Clover SC.

We would like to thank all the tracks that put in for a race this year. With all the great venues the decisions were tough.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
Joe DePinto
QSAC Co-Chairs
Mike Sadler
Competition Chairman



2015 QSAC NCS presented by RC4Less
National Champions

The 2015 QSAC NCS presented by RC4Less season has come to a close and time to announce our Champions.

Congradulations to all of our Top 5 for the 2015 season. The competition was second to none and we hope all of you has as good of a time as we have.

1st Greg Hilber
2nd Matt Hilber
3rd Tim Smith
4th Tim Sunde
5th Mike Reniger

Limited Sportsman
1st Doug McCallum
2nd Andy Abernathy
3rd Daniel Rice
4th Jon Edson
5th Eddie Dunn

1st Noal Templeton
2nd Mike Sadler
3rd J.R. Parsley
4th Kevin Ligon
5th Todd Holloway

1st Noal Templeton
2nd Mike Sadler
3rd Kevin McDougald
4th Todd Holloway
5th Scott Harper



Partners Drawing Winners

These are the Winners of this Seasons QSAC Partners Drawing!

Troy Shossow WCM fuel bottle & G.C.
Jon Edson RC4Less springs
Bill Lydecker RC4Less springs
Gerald Babbitt QSAC membership
Levi Shumacher QSAC membership
Todd Gunder QSAC membership
Wayne Rogers QSAC membership
Randy Baker Tri-State Race Entry
Robert Belonga Tri-State Race Entry
Nick Beaver Tri-State Race Entry
Carl Reese Tri-State Entry
Niels Christensen QS Components Heims
Aidan Gray Mike Clark body
Nick Haslebrock 1st qtr seat
Ron Schoeb 1st Qtr seat
Dave Pirrello 1st Qtr seat
Kevin Verschuure Dietech $25 GC
Todd Cooper Dietech $25 GC
Mike Fahey Holloway graphics
Todd Allen Sniper Slider
Michael Stidham Sniper Slider
Michael McHenry QSAC Engine
Joel Hughes QSAC Engine
Thank you to all of our sponsors who donated to the Partners Drawing, without you none of this would be possible. ********************************************************


2016 NCS Races from 6 to 4 Vote

The Co-Chairs, in working to attempt to improve the number of racers at the NCS races, submitted to the RRC a rules change to change the number of NCS races in the 2016 season from 6 to 4.

Our aim in this was to increase the number of racers attending the NCS races. What our hopes are is that by spacing the races out further and reducing the number of travel dates this will allow more racers to plan to attend the NCS races and allow them to stay at their home tracks to promote Quarterscale racing locally.

The votes have been received an are as follows:

Freddy Miavitz--NO
Todd Bishop -- YES
Bob Lydecker -- NO VOTE
Terry Rae -- YES
Mark Hogue -- YES
Joel Hughes -- YES
Joe DePinto -- YES
Dave Dygon -- YES
Fred Murry -- YES
Mike Sadler -- YES
Scott Schramske -- NO VOTE
Kevin Verschuure -- YES

With the above voting complete the 2016 QSAC/NCS season will be a 4 Race Series.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs




The membership list is current as of 08/18/2015. If you joined at the Speedweeks races you are not on that list but you are a member. Those applications have not been processed as of yet, we apologize for the delay.



QSAC NCS by Rc4Less Points

Points are updated



2015 QSAC Ballot and Survey

By now you should have gotten this in youor email. If you have not please send an email to Doreen at qsacorg@gmail.com to get yours.

Here is a copy of what went out:

Due to only one candidate running for co chair this year we felt there was no rush to get ballots out, and we wanted to have time to plan next season's agenda. Next season will be a test year for some of our new Ideas, and with the support of the membership, Rules Ratification Committee, and hopefully the success of this testing period, we will start the process of a rules change as we move forward.

First order of business for this test is,See clarification below
We will be going to a one day NCS event, which will be Saturday, with Sunday as a rain out day for Mains ONLY. We still want everyone to have plenty of time to travel home on Sunday, and will hope to have everything completed by 1pm.. Details on this will come at a later date, and be explained in full.

There will only be 4 NCS Races for this test. they will be every other month starting in March, May, July, and September. We don't want to conflict with any other successful Series, and feel if we ALL work together, the Racers will have more opportunities to race instead of having to choose between races a week apart, or on the same weekend. We encourage ALL Tracks, Clubs, and Series Directors to contact our Competition Chairman Mike Sadler before you set up any schedules. By working together, we hope to increase the entries at ALL events.

Points, we would like to award extra points for, single car TQ, pole position, and winning heat race points. we feel this would give more recognition for these achievements.

New Spoiler Colors for the Stock Car Classes;

Limited Sportsman would go to a Yellow Spoiler
Sportsman would go to Red Spoiler
Grand National would go to Black Spoiler
This as simple as it seems, would aid in the other Racers knowing who they are running with during practice, and also let the spectators watching know the different classes.

Would be adding a front foam bumper along with the standard tube bumper. Foam bumper will be a certain size and shape, as to not give an advantage over the tube bumper.

National Race Director for NCS Races;
We are hoping to have a NRD for ALL NCS Races starting with our test period next season. In order to achieve this, we would need to compensate this person, as they would not be able to participate in any NCS Races. In order to offset this expense, we would have to raise the membership fee by $10.00, and maybe increase the entry fee by $5.00. The goal behind all this is to have consistency at every race, and be run in a more professional manor. ALL QSAC Management Team Members will be wearing a QSAC labeled Golf Shirt of the same color on Race days so every member will know who they are, and will be able to spot them in case of a question, or concern.

QSAC will be coming in to an NCS awarded Track, as Officials, and will be conducting Pre, and Post Race Tech along with local track personnel. QSAC is looking into purchasing a new Lap Top, along with a new printer for NCS races.

These are a few of the ideas we will be testing, and hope for every members support.


Should Stock Cars have different color Spoilers?
Should ECM be allowed to have front foam bumpers?
Should points be awarded for TQ, Poll Position, and Heat Race wins?
Do you like NCS one day events on Saturday?
Now that NCS Races are every other month, would you attend more of them?
Do you agree with only 4 NCS Races?
Do you agree with Double points for the Final Show Down NCS Race?
Do you Like the idea of a National Race Director?
Would you agree to a Dues increase to support a National Race Director?
Would you agree to an entry fee increase to support a National Race Director?
What would you like to suggest to help QSAC grow?
We would like to make a clarification on this communication to all of our members. Although it states we are going to a "one day" show, that is not the case as of yet. We would like to make it clear that NONE of this has been decided at this time and are looking for input from all of you. Mainly what we want to convey is that these are the thing we, the Co-Chairs, along with Joe DePinto are kicking around. Again, NOTHING is decided at this time.

We do however, feel that going to a 4 race NCS season is a good move. We will still count 3 of the races for the championship. What this will do is lessens the travel dates and allows the racers to concentrate on supporting their local tracks and helping them grow.

Thank you,
Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



2016 QSAC NCS Season

In the never-ending quest to improve the QSAC/NCS season and the races, the two current Co-Chairs, Todd Holloway & Scott Harper and the incoming Co-Chair, Joe DePinto have been in constant talks with each other and you, the racers, to see what can be done to make it better. We are all working to finalize all the details and we will announce them soon. All of us here at QSAC welcome all the racers input and ideas. Believe it or not, we do listen to each and every one.

In preperation for the upcoming season, we need the tracks interested in hosting a QSAC/NCS event to get those bids in as soon as possible.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
Joe Depinto


Four NCS Races down, Two to go

With four of the Six NCS Races in the books there are lots of good things happening. Racing with new and old friends, new ideas coming forth, communication seems to be at an all time high and the new scoring software from RC Scoring Pro is working like a charm. Yes there were some bugs at the first race in Alabama, but the updates are done and it is all working great for Race 3 and 4.

Speedweek has come and gone, it was a blast and well worth the trip, great tracks, owners and racers.

Both myself (Scott) and Todd got the chance to speak with almost every racer at these two races and hear opinions on different things, we even bounced some new ideas that we are discussing, along with Joe. Look for bigger and brighter things to come in the future.

Keep an eye out in the mail for your ballot, although there is only one candidate this year, Joe DePinto, your votes do need to be cast. Also we will be including some "SURVEY QUESTIONS", these, like always, are NOT A VOTE but just a way for us to get some opinions on things.

On a personal note, I would like to thank a few people that really made the week a success. First of all, to our Title Sponsor Rc4Less and to our Jim Wolfe Live Cam Sponsor, Hoosier Tire. These are in no particular order. Todd Holloway, Tim Smith, Mike Sadler, Steve Bess, Terry Rae, Donnie Nelson, Noal Templeton. You guys really helped out, even in ways you may not know of and for that I thank you.

Post Race Tech at Lakeside Speedway
I have talked with a couple of racers that had the question, "Why was there an engine builder doing engine teardowns?"
As always, there is more to it than just that, so to clear things up, here is the scoop.
First of all, an "engine builder", Donnie Nelson, was NOT "doing" Engine Teardowns alone. Had the entire senario been told to those not in attendance they would have also mentioned the entire Engine Inpection process that was going on.
Both Donnie Nelson and Todd Hollwoay were doing Engine teardown and inspection. Each one looked for things on the engines and checked each other on all the measurements. Knowing both of these men, I have no doubt should they have found anything outside of the specs, I would have been called, the protest committee would have been called and a decision would have been made. Not only were neither I or the protest committee called upon, but each racer was there for the entire process and not one of them said anything to myself or Todd. In the past, QSAC, has utilized persons who are "engine builders" to do engine teardowns. Randy Brown has torn down more engines than probably anyone in QSAC and also Terrance Reniger did teardown at the 2014 QSAC Final Showdown. So what happened, was not something new.

A plug for the two tracks:
Thunder Hollow Raceway What a cool track, the high banks, good bite and plenty of passing room really make for a great race. The fence has even been tested by our own Austin Dillon impersonator, Joe Depinto.

Lakeside Speedway This track offers a unique style of racing, with its long straights, sweeping turns and wide lanes. You havd better not miss the turn entry or you are going to have to work your tail off to gain all that ground back. With the track having been resealed in the recent months, there was some talk and worry about grip, tire wear and what to expect. Well, we can tell you first hand that there is NOTHING to be worried about. The new surface is great, has plenty of grip, as proven by the lap times run this week and has the least amount of tire wear you can imagine. So racers, along with all the other tracks you have on your "bucket list", add Lakeside Speedway to it, you won't be sorry.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



QSAC Co-Chair Candidate

With the upcoming QSAC Co-Chair Election approaching, there is only one candidate this year, Joe DePinto. Below is his letter to the membership.

Dear QSAC Members,
I would like to announce my decision to run for the upcoming position of Co-Chair, and to be considered as a candidate for the 2015 Co-Chair Election.
I feel I have the experience needed to help run the QSAC Organization, as I had been on the board before it was handed over to the membership. I helped write the rules we still use today, and I held the following QSAC positions in the past; Board Member, East Coast Director, North East Director, Rules Committee, Tech Committee, and Special Projects Chairman.
I have great respect for all the volunteers of this club, I also look forward to hearing your comments, and chatting with you.
I can promise you all, if elected, I will work hard for you, and will do my best to listen to your questions, and concerns. Please consider me when you cast your vote for Co-chair this year.
Yours Truly,
Joe DePinto




With the recent release if the RC4Less Tires and some questions and comments received by both of the Co-Chairs, we felt it prudent to clairfy a few things.

RC4Less Tires are not legal at this time in the QSAC NCS Series.
Check with your local track to see if they are legal for the regular program.
The Rules Ratification Committee has not been presented with these approval of these tires as of this date.
IF you purchase and run these tires now, you are doing so at your own risk, there is no guarantee that these will be approved for the 2016 season.

We both hope that this will clarify and put to bed any rumors or misinformation that are floating around out there. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact either of us.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper




The race report is online and includes the results.
Click here for the Report.


R.I.P. Jim Wolfe

It is with a heavy heart I am sharing the news that James "Yeah, Baby!" Wolfe passed away around 12:10 this afternoon after a tough battle with cancer. Jim was with his two sons and daughter as he passed on into the afterlife.
To those of you that had the pleasure of meeting Jim, you certainly know of the great smile he always carried as well as his great love for quarter scale racing and just about any motorsport, in general.
Jim's son, NIck, shared the news with me this afternoon. Nick stated that Jim wanted nothing formal for a visitation or funeral, so I don't anticipate being able to pass along any further information, unfortunately.
I'd like to extend a personal "thank you" to the powers that be with QSAC for honoring Jim by associating his name with QSAC Live.
I'll miss his smile and jovial nature, as well as his #49 circling around MPR and other tracks.
Race In Peace, Jim! We love you and will miss you dearly.

Joe Brooks




Due to threatening weather condiditons for Saturday, the entire race was run on Friday. Look for results and points to be updated soon. ********************************************************


Live Cam Sponsor Named

QSAC is pleased to announce that we now have a Sponsor for the Jim Wolfe Live Cam.
We here at QSAC Welcome the Offical 2015 QSAC/RC4Less NCS Season Sponsor of the Jim wolfe Live Cam, Hoosier Tire.
There is no doubt that having a partnership with a company as well known as Hoosier Tire will give QSAC and Quarter Scale Racing more exposure to different markets than we have had before.
We are looking forward to working with Hoosier Tire in promoting our races and Quarter Scale Racing as a whole.



QSAC Live Cam

The Live Cam is coming back this year.
With that being said, we have decided to give it a name more than just the Live Cam.

Starting this season and from now on, it will be appropriately named in honor of the person who worked untold hours to see his vision come to life, a man who has always had a smile on his face, QSAC and the Racers in his heart, Mr. Jim Wolfe.

QSAC Presents

The Jim Wolfe Live Cam



QSAC NCS Title Sponsor

QSAC is very proud to announce this years Title Sponsor of the 2015 QSAC NCS Season.
RC4Less, owned by Bruce Triplett, will be this Season's Title Sponsor.
Many of you are already familiar with the RC4Less line of shock springs and in talking with Bruce, he has many more things on the drawing board for Quarterscale in the works.
We are looking forward to working with Bruce this year and seeing him at the races.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper


2015 Rulebook Revision

The latest edition of the 2015 QSAC Rulebook is now available for download.
There are no rules changes since the first of the year. There have only been minor clerical corrections done that have been found. A complete list of the corrections can be found on page 29 dated 3/11 and 3/15.

The latest edition of the Rule Book will have the date March 16,2015 in the lower left corner of the pages.



Leadership Team Announcement

There have been some changes in the QSAC Leadership Team.
Bill Scott resigned as the National Tech Director. We are pleased to welcome back Randy Brown as the National Tech Director. Randy's past service and his integrity are second to none. We welcome him back and are looking forward to working with him again at the NCS races.

JR Parsley has decided to step down as the Central District Director.
It is with great pleasure that Matt Hilber has accepted the appointment of that position. Matt will do a greeat job as being part of the inner workings of QSAC as well as a great resource for the racers.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper



New Tire Manufacturer RC4Less

By now we are sure most if not all of you have heard about them and have numerous questions regarding them.

First of all both of us, Todd Holloway and Scott Harper have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for Todd Bishop (BRP Racing Tires) for all of the support he has provided to not only QSAC but to every single racer in Quarterscale, without Todd we would not be racing, plain and simple.

When this issue came up and we knew we were going to have to deal with this we called Todd to talk to him about it. Let's face it, this is a small community and with social media being what it is there are NO SECRETS. Todd of course knew of the new company doing some testing, we not only felt we owed it to him to personally call him to let him know of the situation, we wanted to do this out of respect.

With all that being said here is the short version. The ONLY manufacturers tires that are legal for QSAC NCS competition for the 2015 Season are BRP and WCM.
RC4Less tires are NOT LEGAL for 2015 QSAC NCS races.

There are tracks that have made them legal for their local races. QSAC cannot dictate what tracks allow or do not allow except during the QSAC NCS Race at their venue.

Bruce Triplett (RC4Less) is making tires for QuarterScale cars, QSAC does not and cannot dictate what products are made. RC4Less plans on using this year as a test year to develop the tire and will be available by contacting them at www.RC4Less.com. The target availability date for the tires is April 2015.

The obvious question is how are we going to keep this tire from being used at a QSAC event. It is very simple. The RC4Less tire is very different in appearance from the BRP and WCM tire so therefore very easy to discern what tire is on a racecar.

The next question probably on your minds is, when will this tire be legal for QSAC competition? RC4Less has submitted the tires for consideration to be an allowed tire for competition. This will take some time and have to go through the proper channels. Rest assured that we, the Co-Chairs, full well understand the gravity of this situation and we will act in the best interest of those that matter the most, the racers.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper
QSAC Co-Chairs



The membership list is constantly being updated. This time of year is busy with new members and renewals. If you have sent in your renewal or have joined recently, you should be receiving your membership card soon. The list is current as of 1/25/2015. If you joined and do not see you name, please let Doreen know.



New Committee Member

We would like to welcome Kevin Verschuure to the QSAC Leadership Team. Kevin has taken the position of Long Range Planning Committee Chair and will also be filling a position on the QSAC Rules Ratification Committee.

We are looking for racers to fill some vacant slots on the regional positions and also need to replace Bill Scott as National Tech director. Bill stepped down after doing a great job for QSAC. Bill - see you at the races & we thank you for your years of service in doing a very difficult job.

If you are interested in filling one of these positions please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

Todd Holloway
Scott Harper



2015 Race Season

Happy New Year QSAC Members

The New Year is here and all of us at QSAC are ready for the new season as we are sure all of you members are.

It will not be long before we all get to hear those engines singing down the straights, smelling the rubber and fuel and most of all enoying the best brand of oval racing there is, Quarter Scale Racing, QSAC Style.

With the New Year comes new things and the 2015 Rule Book is one of them. It is ready for download all you have to do is click on the tab at the top and you should see it open up. There are NO RULES CHANGES for the 2015 Season. There is one major difference this year and that has to do with race fees. There is now a $10 discount for additional classes. The only other changes are the wording from Novice back to Limited Sportsman, the schedule for the 2015 NCS Season and the Co-Chair name change from Mike Sadler to Scott Harper.

There is also a new tri-fold brochure ready for download. It can be found by clicking the FORMS tab and the file is called 2015 QSAC Brochure. It contains current contact information along with two spaces for local track and club information to be inserted so that when you hand these out they have the local track and club information.

As always, we the Co-Chairs want to hear from you. What would you like to see, what are your ideas?

See you at the races,
Todd Holloway
Scott Harper



2015 QSAC Rule Book

The finishing touches are being put on the 2015 QSAC Rule Book and should be available soon.
An announcement will be made here once it is ready.


The Ice Breaker is BACK!!

Coming back in 2015 the Ice Breaker Race is back for Quarter Scale. The details and contact information can be found under the Other 2015 Races.


Limited Sportsman 5" Spoiler Vote

The Votes are in.

Allow us to begin with this. There was some very good discussion between the members of the RRC and each and every one of them made good points both for and against this suggested rules change. We can see nothing but good things to come with the implementation of this committee.

Now for the votes:

Freddy Miavitz ------no
Todd Bishop ---------no
Bob Lydecker ------ no
Terry Rae -----------no
Mark Hogue ----------no
Joel Hughes ---------yes
Joe DePinto ---------yes
Brent Gottfried -----abstain (as per by-law this vote goes to the Co-Chairs)
Fred Murry ----------no
Mike Sadler -------- yes
Scott Schramske -----no
Bill Scott ----------no

With the above totals it is overwhelmingly a vote to NOT change the Limited Sportsman spoiler size to a minimum of 5". For the 2015 QSAC/NCS Season the rules for the Limited Sportsman Class, formally Novice, will remain unchanged.

QSAC Co-Chairs
Todd Holloway
Scott Harper


Rule Change Submitted

The first suggested change to the QSAC Rules has been submitted to the Rules Ratification Committee.

This change is for the Limited Sportsman Class to run a 5"(minumum) rear spoiler starting with the 2015 season.

As soon as the time has expired, which is 10 days, the decision will be announced here on the Official QSAC site.



QSAC Rules Ratification Committee

As per the passing of the By-Law crreating the Rules Ratification Committee, this committe has been formed.

For those of you on the RRC, we would like to thank you for your participation and committment to making YOUR organization and the racing better.
The members of the Rules Ratification Committee are:

Manufacturer Representaives
Freddy Miavitz
Todd Bishop
Bob Lydecker
Terry Rae
Mark Hogue
Joel Hughes

Member Representatives
Joe DePinto
Brent Gottfried
Fred Murry
Mike Sadler
Scott Schramske
Bill Scott



2015 QSAC NCS Schedule

First of all we would like to thank all of the tracks that put in for an NCS event for the QSAC NCS 2015 Race Season. This year we actually had more tracks than races, a sure sign that things are getting better.

Race #1 April 24/25 Lagoon Park R/C Raceway -- Montgomery, Al.
Race #2 May 29/30 DFW Speedway -- Burleson, Tx.
Race #3 and #4 SPEEDWEEK July 13-17, 2015
Race #3 July 13/14(Mon-Tue) -- Thunder Hollow Speedway -- Bassett, Va.
Race #4 July 16/17(Thr-Fri) -- Lakeside Speedway -- Clover, S.C.
Race #5 August 14/15 Machesney Park Speedway, Machesney Park, Il.
Race #6 Sept 18/19 Ingalls Motor Speedway -- Ingalls, In.

Once again we would like to thank all of the tracks that put in for this years QSAC NCS races, it was not an easy task to pick the venues, all of them are great places to race.

Mike Sadler, Todd Holloway & Scott Harper ********************************************************


2015 QSAC NCS Bids

The deadline to submit your track for a 2015 QSAC NCS Race is fast approaching.

The form has been changed up just a bit to allow for it to be used for years to come. Just fill in the two-digit year where it is left blank and mail it in as in years past.

You can get the form here. ********************************************************


Co-Chair Election

My Fellow QSAC Members,

First of all I would like to thank each of you that took time out of your day to vote and express your opinions in the survey questions.

I would also like to thank Joe DePinto for being a class act and for his dedication to QSAC and Quarter Scale racing.

It is an honor for me to follow in the footsteps of our former Co-Chairs. It is these gentlemen that have paved the way for the success of our club and I will continue in that tradition of making decisions that continue to benefit QSAC, it's racers and above all fair competition and a level playing field.

I encourage each and every one of you to get involved with your local club and with QSAC. Without you, the members, QSAC does not exist, you are the life blood of this organization and we need each and every one of you. Talk to your Regional Reps, your District Directors and let them know what is going on, what you would like to see, use that suggestion form in the back of the rule book. We want to hear from you.

If you want to contact me, that is great I want to hear from you. My email and phone number is on the Leadership team page under Special Project Committee Chair, for the time being. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and concerns.

Over the next couple of months of Mike Sadler's term, I will work together with Mike and Todd to ensure a smooth transition. Rest assured that in each and every decision I am a part of I will keep the racers and the ultimate goal of a fair and level playing field at the forefront of those decisions.

Scott Harper



Co-Chair Election Results

All of the votes have been received and counted. The QSAC Leadership Team would like to thank each of you that took the time to vote in the election.

The results are as follows:

A total of 75 ballots were cast in this years election, 61 by US Mail and 14 via e-mail.


Scott Harper 49
Joe DePinto 26

By-Law Amendment allowing for the creation of a Rules Ratification Committee


Survey Questions:

Question #1 - Novice to Limited Sportsman

Question #2 - Sportsman/Novice allowed to run an additional classes.

Question #3 - Sportsman/Novice recogized as a National Class

Question #4 - Sportsman/Novice to run a 5-inch rear spoiler



QSAC NCS Race #5
Rain Contingency Plan

In the event that Mother Nature decides to interfere with the race schedule a contingency plan has been formed.
First, EVERY EFFORT will be made to run the race in/on the scheduled days.
But, if for some reason the need arises to carry Race #5 into Thursday, we have this option and will take advantage of it.
We feel that planning for this in advance is the best thing for the racers in attendance of QSAC/QSC Speedweek and will allow for the completion of the racing program.

QSAC Co-Chairs
Todd Holloway
Mike Sadler



Voting Deadline

Just a reminder to all QSAC Mambers.
If you are voting by e-mail the last day to do this is August 31,2014.
If you are mailing in your ballot they must be post marked no later than August 31,2014

Qsac Leadership Team


QSAC Election

Ballots have been mailed so you should have them by now. The option exists to email in your ballot, just follow the directions on the ballot.

QSAC Leadership Team


Updating Information

Fellow QSAC Members, I am back from vacation and finally getting the chance to get things caught up here on the site. Please bear with me for a couple more days as I get everything back up to date.

The points will be uploaded and updated on the front page and the countdown to Speedweek has already been done.

Scott Harper


QSAC Webmaster Vacation

I will be on vacation until July 27th. Look for any QSAC News on the Live Feed site, Hobbytalk or the QSAC Forum.

The points will be updated and posted on the Live Feed site.

Scott Harper ********************************************************


2014 NCS Points

The points have been calculated and are updated.



Novice Racers

Attention Novice Racers

The Co-Chairs would like to meet with all of you attending the next NCS Race being held at MPR and the following ones to talk to you about the 2015 race season.

Topics of discussion will be the name of the class and eligibility to participate in this class.

Mike Sadler & Todd Hollway



Co-Chair Candidates for the 2014 Election

Two QSAC Members have declared their candidacy for the upcoming Co-Chair Election.

Joe Depinto and Scott Harper are the two candidates. Below you can read their letters to the Membership.

Joe DePinto

Dear QSAC Members,

I would like to announce my decision to run for the upcoming position of Co-Chair, and to be considered as a candidate for the 2014 Co-Chair Election.

I feel I have the experience needed to help run the QSAC Organization, as I had been on the board before it was handed over to the membership. I helped write the rules we still use today, and I held the following QSAC positions in the past; Board Member, East Coast Director, North East Director, Rules Committee, Tech Committee, and Special Projects Chairman.

I have great respect for all the volunteers of this club, I also look forward to hearing your comments, and chatting with you.

I can promise you all, if elected, I will work hard for you, and will do my best to listen to your questions, and concerns. Please consider me when you cast your vote for Co-chair this year.

Yours Truly,
Joe DePinto

Scott Harper

To All QSAC Members and Quarter Scale Racers,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Harper, I live in Clay Alabama, I am a member of the CCRC in Montgomery, Alabama, the current Special Projects Committee Chairman and the QSAC Web Master.

I am addressing you today to declare my candidacy for the upcoming election of Co-Chair for QSAC.

I am starting my fourth season of racing Quarter Scales. I became a QSAC member 3 years ago and after seeing a need for member involvement contacted the Co-Chairs and expressed my interest and willingness to "put my money and time where my mouth was". I have been involved ever since.

My R/C racing is not limited to Quarter Scale experience. I have been racing R/C cars for close to 30 years now. My racing has taken me all over the country to some of the biggest Oval Races in the country. My involvement with my local clubs has always had two goals in mind. Keep the racing fair and grow interest in our brand of racing.

My Quarter Scale experience, outside of racing has been in form of club Secretary for the CCRC along with two years of being Co-Chair of that same club. I have been involved in every facet of holding races, officiating races and scoring them while holding those positions. Even though I am not an elected official with my club at this time, I am still a very involved member of the CCRC and will continue to be.

Having worked with Todd since the time he won the election and has served as Co-chair there is no doubt that we will have a great working relationship and keep QSAC moving in the direction it is now, FORWARD.

My goal for my term as Co-Chair, should the membership decide to elect me will be this. To leave QSAC better than I found it. I am not saying I have all the answers, but I do know that together we can keep the momentum we have now and continue to grow.

Should you have any questions for me at all, please feel free to contact me via email or by cell. Email harp4002@bellsouth.net or 205-612-3812. Please keep in mind I do work during the day, sometime I can talk, sometimes not. Leave me a message or a text and I will get back to you.

Thank you,
Scott Harper
QSAC #1984



QSAC NCS #1 Results & Points

The results for the QSAC NCS Race #1 presented by QS components are now available.
The points have also been updated.


QSAC NCS #1 Video

The Mains are now posted for your viewing pleasure.
The Main Events can be found on QSAC's video channel on YouTube, the channel is called QSAC Live Cam a direct link to the channel can be found QSAC LIVE Cam.



It is finally here! The first Race of the 2014 Season. Racers are here in Montgomery, Alabama from all over the country to shake off all that winter snow and share something we all have in common, the trill of competition with good friends.
Be sure to check out all the ACTION by visiting QSAC LIVE.
The approximate broadcast times and Race Schedule are on the left.


QSAC NCS Provisional Classes

Some information from the Leadership Team to all of the 2014 QSAC NCS Host Tracks.
Although it is not mentioned in this years rulebook it has been decided that each host track may include one provisional class to run during the NCS race.
This may only be one class and must conform to the safety requirements that all the other cars must adhere to as well as all of the racers being QSAC members, either yearly or one-event members.
These classes will NOT earn QSAC NCS Championship points. All monies from entries of the provisional class are retained by the host track.
The provisional class may not interfere with the QSAC NCS Race, meaning that should the need arise due to weather, time constraint or some other unforeseen circumstance, the provisional class must give way to the QSAC Classes so that those races can be completed.

QSAC Leadership Team ********************************************************


Predator Sprint Car Give Away

Joel Hughes, the owner and manufacture of Predator Race Cars has agreed to give away a Predator sprint car at the Final Showdown at SPEED WEEK in Algona Iowa this year. As many of you may know the Predator sprint car has won 6 straight national titles in the past 6 years. Here is your chance to own and drive one at little to NO cost. Here is how you can get your name in the drawing for this awesome sprint car.

If you attend an NCS race this year your name will be entered automatically at NO CHARGE. Your name will be entered as many times as you attend an NCS race automatically at NO CHARGE!! Now not to leave anyone else out in this great opportunity to own and drive one of the best sprint cars ever built.

If you don't attend an NCS race this year you may buy a Raffle ticket to get your name in on the drawing for this car. You may buy a MAXIMUM of 1 ticket for this drawing at a cost of 50 dollars.

If you only attend 1 NCS race and would like to purchase more chances at winning this car you may do so. Up to a maximum of 6 total entry's. If you attend an NCS race it costs you NOTHING!! You are automatically entered!! You must be a QSAC member at the time of this drawing to be eligible to win.

In other words for every QSAC NCS Race you attend you get 1 free entry to the drawing. If you attend 3 QSAC NCS races and you wish to have 6 entries in the drawing, just purchase 3 additional tickets at $50 each.

The deadline for mailing in your money for this will be August 1st. You can purchase tickets in person up to August 29th at Speed Week!!

Mail your checks payable to Mike Sadler

Mail to:
Mike Sadler
2511 Via Avenida
Carrollton Texas 75006

All proceeds will go to Joel Hughes, if you are lucky enough to win this car at Speed Week and not in attendece at the time of the drawing. QSAC will pay the shipping charges for your world class Predator Sprint Car!!!!


QSAC Live!

OK quarter Scale racers, it's almost time for the first NCS race of 2014. We can't wait just for some warm weather, not to mention racing. Well 2014 is going to start off with a bang and we think everyone is going to love this.

Starting at LPR in two weeks it will be the debut of what we are calling QSAC LIVE! Live, as in live streaming at our races! That's right, QSAC has purchased a very nice HD video streaming camera along with a brand new web site just for live racing. People that have never seen a 1/4 Scale R/C car or that racer that has not had a chance to make an NCS race will now have that chance.
We think this will be a great way to introduce our brand of racing to people all across the country. This will be set up on Fridays and Saturdays. The mains will remain on the web site until the next live event for the racers that are competing. You can go home and see where you made your day or ended your day. With anything new there will be some bumps in the road, and we will learn as we get more informed about this new and exciting form of advertising and entertainment. So please bear with us as we all learn together and get things perfected. This all started at the end of last year when fellow racer Jim Wolfe came to us with an idea that he wanted to try at MPR. He explained how he thought this would work and how it could promote our sport that we all love. The original idea was Jim was going to have this as a fixed camera at MPR. Jim was going to purchase this out of his own pocket to make it all happen. After several phone calls and brainstorming we came up with an idea to make this a portable camera and something that we could use at all NCS races and even other large QSAC races. QSAC purchased the equipment and web site support and then a way we went. Jim as well as Mike and I have been working with the hosting company and developers. They are getting very close. The web site will be a separate site from our QSAC.ORG site. Both will have links to one another, as well as links to all of our sponsors, manufactures and suppliers and to other 1/4 scale related companies. If you see that we left someone out or you want to be a part of it, please let us know. What you see the first race probably will not be what you see at the next race. We will continue to try and improve and put things where they need to go. Please be sure to let us know if you see something that we can improve on or something you might want to see. The web site address will be www.quarterscalercracing.com

We should have the site up and running in the next week or so and LIVE racing at NCS race #1. Thanks Jim for all of your work and a great idea!

Sincerely your Co-Chairs, Todd Holloway and Mike Sadler ********************************************************


Eligibility Ending Soon!

Be sure to Join QSAC by midnight on Monday, March 31,2014 so you can be eligible for the Partners Drawing at the Final Showdown. Last year there were tires, bodies and engines given away.

The only way to be entered into this drawing is to be a
QSAC Member by April 1st.
Your membership must be paid for via PayPal or postmarked before midnight March 31st.

Don't miss out!


Engine Rules

There has been some questions about the use and allowance of Heli-coils on engines which in turn led to discussion in the Leader Ship Team.

After consulting the rules and looking at what is best for both competition and the racers the follwing is the result of the discussion. This will also be added to the Tech Table Section of the Website.

"Qsac rules" The two most important reasons for their existence is to level the playing field and to keep things affordable.

The new dual band tire is a great new tuning tool. But it can be difficult to distinguish it from a left side tire. Please take extra care and make sure it is signed by a QSAC official.

From 2013 rule book page 19

# 23. Fan housing engine mounting holes may be Heli-coiled for repair

In the interest of cost savings for the 2014 season QSAC will allow the use of heli-coil's in the mounting stud in the PTO adapter ( clutch adapter ) and the cylinder intake manifold 5-mm mounting holes. It must be understood that if not done properly this can cause an air leak which can get you disqualified. One of the test used in tech 2012/2013 was looking for air leaks that rendered the restrictor plate / manifold ineffective. If after testing QSAC determines there are no problems with this practice it will be included in the 2015 rule book.

If any QSAC member has a rule clarification or rule suggestion question please call or E-mail me.

Bill Scott 760-333-6712 metals@hotmail.com


QSAC Welcomes the MVQSR

QSAC welcomes the MVQSR to the racing community. MVQSR stands for Miami Valley Quarter Scale Racers. No it is not in Maimi Florida, they are located in Ohio.

This is the work of Ken Leiker, Mike Miller and Fred Murry. They have teamed up with Kil Kare Speedway, a Quarter Midget Track in Xenia, Ohio; to bring even more racing to the Quarter Scale Racers in that area.

This is a QSAC sanctioned track so QSAC memberships are required to race here. They have also been added to our Tracks and Clubs page,
be sure to check them out.


Intake Rule Clarification

In the never ending effort to make the racing the best it can be along with the Rules easy to understand and follow. The Leadership Team at QSAC has added some wording to the Intake Port Measurement Rules on page 19 of the 2014 QSAC Rulebook. There has been NO RULE CHANGE this is only some wording to hopefully make the rule easier to understand.
Mike Sadler, Todd Holloway - QSAC Co-Chairs


ECM Class Rules

Due to the ECM Class being a new class those "unforseen circumstances" have popped up and we here at QSAC are working to eliminate them as soon as they do. Far better for them to happen during the off-season than at the track. With all that being said, there have been some clarifications on the body panels and the windshield. All these are on page 23 under Body Measurements.

Mike Sadler, Todd Hollway-QSAC Co-Chairs


QSAC Membership List

Dorren has updated the QSAC Membership List as of February 1,2014. Membership cards will be going out soon. If you do not see your name on the list and you have joined, please contact Doreen.


2014 Rule Book

After some savvy QSAC members noticed some typos in the rulebook, corrections were needed.
There are NO RULES CHANGES, the only changes are on pages 7,8 & 14. This is where Super Late Model was still being referred to and not ECM. Those corrections have now been made and the latest version will have January 29, 2014 on the bottom of the pages.

Thanks -- Scott


ECM Spoiler Rule Clarification

In fielding some questions regarding the ECM Spoler Rule a clarification was made.

On page 23, Body Measurements; the spoiler rule now reads:
Spoiler 3" Maximum Height (measured from the deck), Width NOT to exceed outside of body.

The Rule Book has been updated along with the rules change page.
To be sure you have the latest Rule Book, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the pages and it should now have January 22, 2014 as the revised date.


QSAC On-Line Membership Registration

It is finally here! Just like the title says. You may now become a QSAC Member On-Line and pay for it all in one easy process.

All you have to do is follow the tab button at the top to the link and then complete the form. It will then take you to a the Pay-Pal site where you finish your payment. Be sure to print out and keep your receipt for proof of registration just in case you do not get your Membership Card in time for the next race.

Just one more way your QSAC Leadership Team is working to improve YOUR QSAC.



Central District-Northern Region Director

It is my pleasure to introduce Dave Dygon to the QSAC Team. Dave has accepted the QSAC Central District Director (Northern Region). With Dave's long active role in full scale racing alongside R/C racing and his willingness to travel to NCS events, I believe Dave will be a big asset to our success as a club. Dave's contact info is currently on the QSAC website.
Thanks, J.R. Parsley, Central District Director ********************************************************


2014 Track Sanctioning Package

The 2014 QSAC Track Sanctioning Package is now ready for download.
You may find it under the FORMS tab or download it here.



New Dual Band RF Tire Compound

To all QSAC members, there has been a few questions about the BRP new right front tire. Instead of several different people trying to explain it I felt it would be better coming right from the manufacture. Todd Bishop was more than willing to do this for us. Below you will find the reason behind the new Dual Band Compound.

Mike sadler & Todd Holloway

Bishop Racing Dual Compound

I'm sure there will be a lot of questions regarding the new Right front dual compound tire that was approved by QSAC for the 2014 season. Let me explain how the Dual Compound will work and the reasons why this will benefit our racing.
For comparisons, the traction rating will fall between our 96 and 96Z compounds. Just like any tire, it will depend on chassis setup, and track conditions. The difference with the dual compound is the way it reacts to turning into a turn and how it reacts coming off a turn. When you enter a turn, it will have a tendency to not let the car over steer, and coming off a turn you will have more RR bite and less likely to get loose.
Overall, the Dual compound tire will help balance the chassis and help tire wear.
Any further questions you may have, e-mail or give us a call.
Thanks, Todd Bishop
Bishop Racing Products



Happy New Year

First of all, the entire QSAC Leadership Team hopes that all of the racers have had a joyus Christmas Holiday and wishes all of you a prosperous and Happy New Year.

As we are sure you are aware the Rulebook has been being tweaked for the 2014 Race season. All of that hard work is finally completed and the Rulebook is ready for you to check out. There have been quite a few tweaks to it for this season and in an effort to continually improve things you will find a list of things that have changed all in one place. Page 29 contains all of the changes that have been made to the rulebook.

We also have some other exciting news for the competitors in the 2014 Race Season.
QSAC is proud to announce our 2014 NCS Title Sponsor. This year it is QS Components. All of us here at QSAC are looking forward to working with the QS Components team in bringing you, the racer, a great 2014 race Season.
Not only are we welcoming a New 2014 NCS Title Sponsor, but we also like to welcome Waterjet Fabricating in becoming the 2014 NCS Race Seasons Pole Award Sponsor.
Along with these two new sponsors of the 2014 NCS Race Season, QSAC is going to provide the Hard Charger Awards at all of the 2014 NCS Series Races this season.

Our new Co-Chair, Todd Holloway has sent in a letter to all of the Quarterscale Racers. You can read it here. ********************************************************


2014 QSAC Membership Dues

In a never ending effort to look out for it's members, the Leadership Team here at QSAC is proud to announce that the Membership dues for the 2014 Season have been reduced. That is right members, REDUCED!! Thanks to the efforts to look into cutting costs of running YOUR ORGANIZATION while not cutting benefits, the insurance coverage for Sanctioned Events has gone down in cost but not in coverage.

So with that bit of good news the Membership Fees will drop to $30 for a Full Membership; $25 for a Second Family Member; $20 for a Mechanics license and $20 for a One Day Membership.

If you have already purchased your 2014 Membership, contact Doreen and she get get you a refund for the difference.

You may download the 2014 Membership Form Click Here
The QSAC Leadership Team



Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us here at the QSAC Leadership Team, we wish all of the Racers out there and their families a Happy Thanksgiving.



QSAC Website Information

There are some that are having issues with the Website and getting things to diaplay properly. Hopefully this will help you in curing those troubles.

First be sure your browser is up to date, no matter what browser you are using.

When using FireFox some are having troubles getting pages to display. This is an issue with your browser settings. Open FireFox and go to Tools, then select Options. In the Options pane scroll down and find all the Options that have anything to do with Abobe. Select those, one at a time, there will be a drop down menu that appears. Select Use Adobe Reader X.X (Default), the X.X will be whatever version of Abobe reader is on your system. This should allow you to view the PDF files correctly.

When using Google Chrome and having the site come up and wanting you to Open/Save several tabs if you will follow the directions here, this will fix those issues, or should.

If you are still having issues with the site please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I will do my best to assist you.

Scott Harper



2014 QSAC NCS Race Announcement

Here it is racers, the 2014 QSAC NCS Race Schedule.

The 2014 QSAC NCS Race Season promises to be more fun than ever before. This year the Series visits 6 different venues with the promise of close racing, even playing fields and a GREAT time to be had by all.

This year QSAC is trying something a little different. We all know how hard it is to be able to attend all the races. With the ever rising costs of gasoline, food and lodging the QSAC Team is hoping that this year a little of that becomes easier for our racers to be able to afford.

What we have done is combine the last two races into one week and are calling this week "SpeedWeek".
The last two races, race #5 in Ft. Dodge, Iowa will be held on August 26&27, a Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the Final Showdown at Veterans Park Speedway in Algona, Iowa on August 29&30. With the tracks being in very close proximity to one another, travel will be very easily done. Thursday will be a practice/travel day and as per the normal race schedule, the Final Showdown will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 29&30.

In scheduling these events in the same week and the fact that they are very close to each other, we are hoping to encourage more of you to attend these races and at a reduced overall expense to you, the racer. With Monday being a holiday, that also allows for most of you to have an extra day of travel without having to take time off from work.

Tony Evans, Mike Sadler & Todd Holloway



Official QSAC Forum

The Official QSAC Forum on SGRID is now back up and operational.

All of us here at QSAC and SGRID thank you all for your patience.



Official QSAC Forum

As we are sure most of you are aware the SGrid site that hosts the Official QSAC Forum is having techical difficulties.

Check back here often to get the latest information on QSAC News and Happenings.



2013 QSAC NCS Series Bid Packages

The deadline for submitting a bid to host a QSAC NCS race is Oct 1,2013. As of this posting there have only been 4 bid packages received.

If you own a track or are part of a track and are interested in hosting one of the NCS Races please download the bid package form and send it in.

If no other bid packages are received by the deadline the 2014 NCS Season may have to be shortened to a four race Series.



2013 QSAC Dirt National

With the BMI track being transformed into a paved facility a new venue was needed, thanks to the search of Todd Holloway and Fred Murray a new location was found

This years QSAC Dirt Nationals will be held at "The Scrap Yard" at Large Scale RC's complex in Monon, Indiana on October 4th and 5th.

BRP Checkerboard Tire will be the only tire allowed, no pin spikes

For more information contact Fred Murray or Todd Holloway.



It is Finally Here

QSAC's own Discussion Forum

Thanks to the work of some dedicated QSAC members, we now have our own spot on the web to discuss QSAC business, happenings and anything else that pertains to Quarter Scale Racing and QSAC.

Unlike other forums in the past this will be an extension of the QSAC website. Here announcements will be made and be a place to discuss "Official QSAC business."

This will be a "QSAC Members Only forum." Any QSAC member wishing to participate will be required to register with their First name, Last name and QSAC number. This way everyone will know who they are talking with and keep everything above board.

When you register there is a security question, some of them are silly, some require a bit of thought. This question is there to keep out the AutoBots from gaining access to the site, Please do not discuss these security questions on-line, this will allow the Auto-Bots to gain access to the answers.

To access the New QSAC Discussion Forum goto QSAC Forum.



Letter From Mike Sadler

To All Members, 1/4 scale racers and manufactures,

I have been asked and have accepted DC's vacated position. Some of you may ask why I would subject myself to more criticism and harassment by certain elements of the 1/4 scale community. I have asked myself this question any number of times. It would obviously be easier to race my cars and just help work to make my own club grow. The answer is that I love 1/4 scale racing and all the fun and friends that go with it. I also feel an obligation to see this term to completion. I know and readily admit that I have made mistakes during my past terms. All I can say is that none of us are perfect and I always served to the best of my abilities. All i ask is that you give this a fair chance to work. I will take any and all phone calls, answer emails or questions and complaints at the tracks. These past couple of years there have been many false rumors, unfounded accusations, innuendos, conspiracy theories and out right lies that have given some the idea that there is a "CLIQUE" in the QSAC organization. This is patently untrue, sure we all know each other from the time we spend together at NCS events or phone calls and emails shared on how or what to do about events or rule changes, but we have all worked towards improving racing and the rules for the racer.

The fact is a lot of people lose sight of, is that QSAC is a rules governing body set up to provide a fair and level playing field for a 6 race national series for those racers that attend these events to battle for a national title, it also provides its members with a standardized national set of rules that can be used nationally making it easier for all members to travel from track to track. QSAC also affords the members and sanctioned tracks an extremely affordable insurance. It is not Big Brother telling you how to run your local races or to grow your club. I have always told sanctioned track owners to do what they thought was necessary to grow their clubs as long as it didn't violate safety. It is an organization to try and grow 1/4 scale racing, but not to put money in any ones pockets. I believe in our organization, and feel obligated to defend it when it's attacked. I would just ask that you pick up the phone and call and keep in mind there are 2 sides to every story, get them both and make an informed decision from there.

I have had several long discussions with Todd and look forward to working with him. We have discussed some fresh ideas and new concepts on how to improve 1/4 scale going into the future, one in particular that I believe will make a huge change that will repair some of the perception that is currently out there and I hope to help him achieve these goals. Maybe I can even help him steer clear of some of the pitfalls I stepped into. Hopefully in about 15 months, upon completion of this term, we the members, can elect someone with the vision and ability to work with Todd and carry QSAC on to greater success.

Mike Sadler



Dana Chittenden resigns as Co-Chair

Dana Chittenden has turned in his resignation as the Co-Chair and will not be completing his term.
As per the QSAC By-Laws and by unanimous decision of the Leadership Team it was decided that Mike Sadler would be appointed to serve out the remainder of Dana's Term.

The decision to appoint Mike was not only for his experience as Co-Chair but for his dedication to the QuarterScale sport and to QSAC.
This will also allow for the continuation of keeping one experienced Co-chair in place while electing a new one and keeping the "chain of experience" intact.

To the membership,
I dearly regret my decision to relinquish my position as co-chair for QSAC. This decision was not easy but it comes down to a balance of work and play. The past 6 months have afforded me another promotion at work and I can no longer effectively be a participating member of the leadership team. Please accept my apologies and may QSAC prosper in the future with a leadership team that has the balance to propel this club into the future. As my schedule allows I hope to see the dear friends I have made as a racer and a leader within the organization.






It is now less than a month for the deadline to get your 2013 QSAC Ballot turned in..


Also if your track is interested in holding an NCS race in the 2014 Season, the deadline for the NCS Bid Packages is October 1st.



Points Updated

The points through Race #4 of the 2012 QSAC NCS Series presented by WCM have been updated.




You should have recieved your 2013 QSAC Ballot by now, if not please contact Doreen and she will get one out to you.

These can be completed in two ways, either by returning them by mail or by email. If you choose to complete your ballot by email, follow the instructions on the top of the ballot.



Website Updates

After recovering from the trip all is caught up here on the site.
The points and Results from the 2013 QSAC NCS Race #3 in Newton Park prestented by WCM are updated.

Also a new installment of The TECH Table is posted under the engine tab, thanks to our National Tech Director Bill Scott.

Scott Harper



QSAC Co-Chair Candidacy

Todd Holloway has declared his candidacy for QSAC Co-Chair for the 2014-2015 Seasons.

My name is Todd Holloway. I live in Yorktown, In. Being from the Midwest and being born to a 30 plus year race car driver, racing is in my blood. Also in my blood is the will and drive to succeed at anything I try. Not always is that possible, but if I fail it is not because I didn't try or I quit.

I have been racing quarter scale since 1991 and before that 10th Scale. I have been a part of one of the oldest and largest QSAC clubs in the country (IQSR) for 22 years. I was president for about 16 years. To this day the club is still going strong and getting bigger and better every year.

I have decided to run for the QSAC Co-Chair position for 2014-2015. I have been a director for what seems like forever and feel it's time for me to step up and help continue what QSAC and its members have started. I feel like I can bring a lot of us back together and get back to having fun and enjoying what we love to do, the real reason we all started. Please consider me for your next Co-Chair position. Together we can make it fun again.

Thanks Todd Holloway



QSAC 2013 Rulebook Updated

There are NO RULES CHANGES in this version. There are only two changes. The first is the location for the 2013 Dirt Oval Nationals. The track, BMI, is no longer a dirt track so the location and date will be changed and will be announced as soon as we have a replacement venue for the race.

There is an additional page added to the rulebook that will list the changes that are made to the rulebook as they come about. You will find this on page 29. We feel that the addition of this page will help you, the Members, Racers and Race directors to find changes in the Rule Book



QSAC & WCM in National Speed Sport News

Check out the article about QSAC, WCM and the NCS Series in this month's edition of National Speed Sport News.

Read the article here.

Pass the word and get everyone to check out the article on National Speed Sport News.



Tech Questions

Thanks to the Efforts of Bill Scott, the QSAC National Tech Director, the TECH TABLE area of the QSAC website is now up an running.

In this area questions that are submitted to Bill will be posted and answered here. This area will also contain "explanations" of some of the "how's & why's" rules are made the way that they are.



QSAC 2013 NCS Series Title Sponsorship

Thanks to the work of the The Co-Chairs, The Special Projects Committee and dedication of Mark Hogue of WCM to Quarterscale Racing and to QSAC, QSAC and WCM are proud to announce a partnership for the 2013 QSAC NCS Series.

"We would like to thank WCM for coming on board as the Title Sponsor for the 2013 NCS Series. This is going to be a great asset to both QSAC & WCM. With WCM showing support for the NCS Series, the Organization and its racers, as well as QSAC, showing that a partnership can be made with manufactures as we work together at growing the sport. The owners of WCM, Mark & Chris Hogue, & Terrence Garrett are just getting started in 1/4 scale, but want very much for the sport to grow, and are putting their money & name where they believe it will have an impact. With their support we are going to try a new approach, helping tracks & clubs to promote themselves and hopefully this will bring about new racers. This in turn helps QSAC as an organization grow and become stronger, forging stronger partnerships with Tracks, Manufactures and the racers"
Tony Evans Co-Chair

"I am truly excited and would like to thank WCM for coming on board and sponsoring the national championship series! This is huge for our hobby and is a definite show of strength and "will" to grow! Mark and the guys at WCM continue to show their pride in the organization and their "will" to make our hobby grow! What a class act!! 2013 has started with some excitement but none bigger than this!"

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
-Henry Ford
Dana Chittenden CO-Chair

"I am looking forward to working with the Team at WCM in bringing more exposure of Quarter Scale Racing to the masses. With the expertise of Mark Hogue and all the guys that are behind WCM, I can only see things getting even better for Quarter Scale Racers all over the country. With the combination of QSAC and WCM great things are on the horizon."
Scott Harper Special Project Committee Chairman

"We at WCM are very proud to support the QSAC National Championship Series. We hope this will help to open a new chapter in Quarter Scale Racing. WCM as the very first builder of Quarter Scale Race Cars, is dedicated to the growth of the sport with a promise to our customers to provide a quality race car, support parts and service. We hope that our fellow manufacturers and parts suppliers will join with us to help move Quarter Scale racing to the next level. Quarter Scale Racing is the best kept secret in all of motorsports, and if we all work together we can change that. We are looking forward to this years races and the renewed interest in our entire sport."
Mark Hogue WCM

Download the Official Press Release. Click Here



Website Updates

In a never ending attempt to keep all of the Quarter Scale Racers better informed as to what is going on here in QSAC there have been some additions to the website that we hope will make it easier for you to find the things you need.

There has been a new tab at the top created called "Co-Chair Corner". By clicking on this tab it will take you to a page where you can choose each Co-Chair and see the articles that they have submitted for you, the racers, to read. Here they will inform you of things they have been working on, want to work on, would like your input on or any number of things.

We thought that by doing it this way we will be better to keep the front page for the latest announcements or news.

There is also a section of the website being developed for you to see Tech Questions answered by Bill Scott, the National Tech Director. This will work by you simply emailing Bill your questions and we will publish the questions and answers here on the site.

QSAC Special Announcements


2018 QSAC Championship Race Reverse Lottery


2017 QSAC Important Dates:

8-1-17, Deadline for Rules Change Proposals

10-1-17, Deadline for 2018 QSAC Championship Event Bid Package

12-1-17, 2018 QSAC Championship Lottery/Announcement

1-1-18, 2018 QSAC Rules Package Released

Official QSAC Announcements

Website Last modified:
Friday, December 22, 2017 10:05 PM

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2017 QSAC Membership List

For the latest Membership List go to Files and Downloads then click on the Members file.


2017 QSAC Rulebook Released

The 2017 QSAC rulebook is out and ready for download. Click on the 2017 Rules tab to view the latest rules or click Here.

Latest Revision Date: April 25,2017


Ordering QSAC Intake Manifolds & Sportsman Cups

Place your order by sending a TEXT to Mike Sadler. 214-542-2325

The cost for the QSAC Manifolds are $20 each for QSAC Members, $30 for non-members. The cost for the Sportsman Cup is $15 each for QSAC Members, $25 for non-members. All prices are plus shipping. Send a text to get your shipping costs before sending in any funds.


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